Wallpaper and Grasscloth

Wallpaper and Grasscloth from Mulberry Interiors

By: Mulberry Interiors  03-10-2010

Wallpaper was out of favour in some circles for the past few years. It is now back in full force as a design element. Almost nothing adds drama to the wall like wallpaper does. Whether you are using a dramatic paper on one feature wall or a more subtle paper wrapped onto all four walls, you will seldom find a design element that you can be happy to leave unchanged for several years. Paint often does not achieve this impact. The grass cloth that you see in the photo is a surprisingly easy care surface. Small holes made by picture framing nails are not visible, allowing you to move your artwork around the home to change the look of your space. While it is not washable and liquid spills can leave permanent stains, all the care it needs is a simple sweeping with a clean broom. Grass cloth seams are obvious but are a part of the charm of the material. It actually functions like wooden panelling, in that once installed, it tends to stay for quite a number of years. It is a handmade product. Individual workers lay the grass material onto the paper substrate. It can be relatively affordable as is the type in the photo, or it can have complex surface texture and be highly coloured and thus be a higher end product. Either way, it is a beautiful product to have in your home.