By: Mulberry Interiors  03-10-2010

The use of appropriate lighting is a key element in design projects. Whether we desire to achieve task lighting or a romantic glow, we need to used the correct fixtures. Even in clean, contemporary spaces, it is usually the client's intention to make use of beautiful lighting. Large or small, each fixtures must have pride of place and achieve the desired effect. Sometimes we are even able to get a twinkle from a bit of bling or sparkle in a powder room or small entry way. In a formal dining room, we want sparkle and drama. we back this effect up through the use of elegant furnishings, beautiful draperies, and rich wall colours. In kitchens and bathrooms, we want ambient lighting as well as task lighting. in living rooms, we often want lighting that enables us to read. We also use these spaces to watch television so we want the ability to turn down the light levels to reduce glare. Lighting adds richness to our design projects and allows us to use richer, more interesting colour tones if we desire them.