Furniture Sourcing

Furniture Sourcing from Mulberry Interiors

By: Mulberry Interiors  03-10-2010

A key element in any home design is the furniture. Quality is important when choosing furniture because furniture is an investment. At times, even good quality furniture can take on a dated, tired appearance, even though it is far from worn out. Sometimes, resurfacing or re-colouring older pieces is the answer. Often, it is wise to update to more currentfurniture styles and pass these older pieces to deserving younger friends or relatives. Often, in a dining room, we can retain the table but upgrade the chairs to new pieces. Classic parsons style dining chairs can greatly benefit from reupholstering. In the living room, a good quality sofa is worth reupholstering in an exciting new fabric. New foam in the cushions can return the piece to being comfortable and useful. Sometimes, sourcing new furniture pieces is the only solution. Before purchasing, it is wise to enlist the services of an interior designer or decorator to help make these important choices. Space planning is useful when acquiring new furniture. It is amazing the effect that new furniture pieces of high quality can make to the enjoyment a client has in their home.