Fireplaces and Mantles

By: Mulberry Interiors  03-10-2010

Often when designing a room we are able to add the beauty and ambiance of a fireplace. Whether the room is traditional, contemporary, transitional or eclectic, we are able to add a fireplace that becomes one of the key features of the room. The wood and stone fireplace pictured is an energy efficient gas model that was a conversion from a wood burning fireplace. The Caledon client has an openconcept space that can view the living area from the kitchen. The warmth produced by the fire is easily controlled by being able to be turned off at short notice. This is not one of the features of wood burning models, lovely though they may be. Gas fired models work well for clients with home based businesses as these people often have commitments outside the home during part of the day. They are able to switch the fire back on once home, to enjoy the benefits of the fire again. A fireplace adds such warmth to a home that many clients consider having one essential to their satisfaction with the design of the home.