LoanTransact Commercial Loan Documentation System

By: Loantransact  09-12-2011
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This is a simple, straightforward solution to a long-standing problem. Do you have a number of forms or documents to complete? Do you input the same or similar information over and over again? With DocAssemble, you select the documents you wish to produce from various libraries that have been created by LoanTransact If you prefer, you will be able to create your own library of documents. SmartTemplate technology then generates a tailor-made and interactive questionnaire, allowing you to respond to a series of requests for information. SmartTemplate reacts to your answers, and leads you through follow up questions based on the previous information inputted. Once competed, you simply "Submit" the information and all of your selected documents are instantly available, fully completed and ready to print.

It's fast, efficient, secure and consistent. Select from one of our existing libraries or contact our customer assistants to add yours. You will be impressed with the ease of use of DocAssemble.


This is the most important part of our product line. LoanTransact represents the culmination of our thinking and planning over many years to provide a fast, simple and secure way to deliver the best possible service to our, and your, customers. LoanTransact is the complete solution to the loan and security transaction. The focus is not just on document production but also on creating the means by which the parties to the transaction can track the progress of such documents from creation to delivery.

Our basic premise is to find the best, and most efficient, way to input and complete the information and steps required to satisfy the conditions of the transaction. Our system allows you to start where you want, whether you are dealing with the term sheet, the credit facility letter, the loan and account documents or the security documents. At each stage, our SmartTemplate technology will guide you through the process, requesting information based on your previous answers. You do not suffer with repetitive forms and procedures; you input the information once and allow us to ensure that it is properly and fully inserted in all the transaction documents.

Deal Site is our secure and password protected electronic exchange. It is another element of LoanTransact that allows for the most efficient way to retrieve and input all of the information required to complete the account, loan and security documentation. The lender initiates the process, starting with basic information to open the client file and create a specific Deal Site. Each Deal Site is password protected and secured through the most up-to-date levels of encryption. Within the Deal Site, LoanTransact, through our SmartTemplate technology, creates interactive questionnaires to be completed, on-line in a secure and encoded environment, by each of the lender, customer, customer's lawyers and our search and registration allies. Here you can post your draft and final documents.

Log on any time you want, complete the information you have and come back when you have the balance. Once all the information has been inputted, the loan and security documentation may be instantly prepared by you and can be available for pick-up or printing. At any stage, any party may check the "Status Bar" to see how the transaction has progressed and who still has to complete their templates and information. You can exchange messages and comments, review documents, correct or up-date information, conduct your registrations, and check on the results of searches all within the secure and private Deal Site specific to the transaction. Sign-up for a Deal Site and see the immediate benefits of conducting and completing the lending transaction on-line, with instant access and response, and greater efficiency and security than any of the traditional methods. Experience the next great step in lending.

Deal Site

Access the transaction on you own schedule, respond to the interactive templates (generated through our SmartTemplate technology), input your information and, when completed, pick up the final documents for execution and closing. We have tried to eliminate all of those tasks and steps not essential or productive within the transaction; photocopying is reduced, physical deliveries eliminated, unnecessary meetings cut out.

Set up or visit a Deal Site and immediately experience the modern forum and format to complete your lending transaction. Save money and time with our on-line and interactive Deal Sites.

Searches and Registrations

We have set up strategic alliances with search houses across Canada to allow instant access to registrations and searches required in any jurisdiction under any lending and security relevant statute. Using our SmartTemplate technology, your search and registration criteria can be added to your documents. In this way, searches and registrations are automatically recommended, based on your standards, using factors such as documents selected, type of parties involved and jurisdictions of the parties or the location of their assets. Confirmation of the registration or results of the searches can either be e-mailed to you or posted to the relevant Deal Site. Subscribe for our reminder or "tickler" service to ensure that you are notified of any renewal or amending requirements.

Enhanced Search Report

Our Enhanced Search Report or ESR automatically summarizes the results of searches ordered either through LoanTransact. No longer will lawyers, law clerks and their lending clients have to suffer through the endless and thankless task of transposing lengthy registration numbers, dates and parties into a format suitable for use by the client. Simply select this option and this work is done for you.

Client Service and Consulting

Keywords: Security Documentation