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Is your business running at its optimum level of efficiency?  There are very few business owners who could honestly answer yes to that question – especially when it comes to their IT infrastructure.  Don’t think that it makes that much of a difference to your bottom line?  

You need to read about our Transforming IT into a Profit Centre philosophy – and find out how our approach to technology is a little different than most other IT providers!

We understand that, in an effort to keep costs under control, many small businesses are reluctant to invest too much into their computer systems.  However, certain automation tools, if implemented strategically, will not only pay for themselves, but will actually make your business more profitable: they will boost your overall productivity and allow you to accomplish your goals with fewer staff.  That can mean significant savings for your business.

At LDI we are familiar with the challenges faced by small business and look for ways to balance your budget constraints with the many benefits that can be gained through technology.  We offer a wide range of services that can get your systems operating the way they are supposed to – and help your company to meet its business objectives.  Take a look at the services we offer below –– and then give us a call.  We would be happy to meet with you to see which options would best benefit you and your business.

  • Whether you’re implementing a new project or you need occasional assistance handling some of the ongoing operational requirements, we can provide your IT department with the additional support they may require from time to time. 

  • Not entirely satisfied with your current network performance?  Whether you are looking for an organization to manage your network from end–to–end or you have in–house IT staff who could use some additional support with your networking requirements, we can help. 
  • Has your business been able to manage so far without a network?  Does it really need one?  Before you can answer that, it is important to understand the advantages that networks provide. 

    • It's the 21st century and virtually everyone is on the web. Your customers are out there searching the net, and many of your competitors are probably already online. 
    • It can be difficult to find a piece of software that does exactly what you need it to.  Whether you need to make some modifications to your existing software or you’re looking for a fully customized application, we can help you create a product that meets your company’s specific needs. 
    • Has it been awhile since you’ve had time to sit down and analyze your business?  Are things operating as efficiently as they could be?  Are you about to take on a new project that you’ve never had to manage before?  An outside perspective can help keep things on track.  That’s where we can help.  

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It doesn’t matter whether you’ve already got a complete IT infrastructure installed or you’re just getting started, Latest Developments can help you out with your computing needs. In addition to our regular product listings, we have also put together a number of IT packages that were developed specifically for our small business customers.