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By: It's All About The Leaf  09-12-2011
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We are on Week Umpteen of a Midwest heat wave with daytime temperatures no less than sizzling. Nighttime lows are at a refreshing slow roast. Thus, I selected Pineapple Paradise as the optimum tea for this particular season–the name evokes visions of hammocks, gently swaying palms, a stack of really good books…

This is a solid white tea.  Just a nice solid white tea.  The leaf smells lovely and fruity.  Once brewed, the aroma of this tea is sweet and slightly grassy,  It brews up to a golden liquor; a really pretty cup.  The flavor is pleasantly hay-like, and very mellow, but the aromas don’t arrive on the tongue…

My first attempts at this tea left me wishing that Ginger had not left the teabag. I was greatly disappointed that a tea with ginger in the name would not taste like ginger. Ginger is a flavor profile that is hard to forget once you have a good ginger tea, the bite on your tongue…

This blend is identical in smell to BTC’s Berry Medley. Berry Medley is a black tea blend while the Berry Twist is a red rooibos blend…

The smell from the bag is of perfume. I almost shunned away from this blend, but decided to forge ahead. I am so glad that I did…

Moroccan Mint is one of my all time favorites – first discovered it by accidently making some. Had bought some gunpowder when I was in Chinatown, got home and brewed some up but found it boring. Added some Adagio Mintastic, perfection….

I found myself in the mood for some Chinese red tea and reached for this one. The loose leaves are full and black, mixed with bits of ginger. The smell of apricot was the first to hit me when I opened this bag, then came the scent of peach, then ginger. Perfect scents…

White Peony in Chinese is Baimudan or Pai Mu Tan. Being Chinese, I know that the White Peony has a special significance to the Chinese population. A search on Google proved this fact. The tree peony is called the mudan. Although the tree peony is not China’s “official” national flower, it has reached the status of national favourite…

Boston Tea Company says this is “hearty, strong and flavorful”…and this is true!

Keywords: Black Tea, Tea, Tea Company

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