Developing Custom Software Solutions for Business - competencies

By: Inovex  09-12-2011

Inovex custom designed solutions help organizations like yours ease headaches, and save precious time and money. How is it done? Through our proven method of implementating a versatile database foundation and building upon it with our five specialized areas. This successful approach will ensure that the perfect package will be created for you:

The combination of these competencies can lead to a powerful cost effective solution for your organization. How? Inovex's strong emphasis on complete structured design means that your solution is fully conceptualized before any code is written - studies have proven that this approach produces the highest quality product, reduces implementation time, and eliminates costly bugs and fixes that would otherwise delay deployment.

Although most of our clients employ a mix of these components for their perfect solution, on occasion a very specific solution is required. Inovex strives to innovate - if you require a unique solution, Inovex's approach gives us the versatility to develop your specific solution with the highest quality and effectiveness - on time and on budget. A structured approach shows a dedication to quality, and puts Inovex on a level that you can trust.

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Developing Custom Software Solutions for Business - fourpillars

SociabilitySoftware tends to become less and less usable as its complexity increases, which is why one of our primary focuses here at Inovex is to bring forth software that is inherently easy-to-use. When our clients look to us for guidance, they notice that we take extra care to understand their way of business and adapt our technologies to allow their business to grow in the right direction.


Developing Custom Software Solutions for Business - ourProcess

The development methodology that we follow is illustrated in the diagram to the right and flows through five distinct stages: Pre-Project, Planning, Design, Development, and Deployment. All requirements are graded as to priority level and whether or not they fall within the current scope of the project. Is geared toward system administrators from the client’s perspective. Illustrates counterparts as points of contact for each organization.


Developing Custom Software Solutions for Business - solutions

Our unique dedication to effective design means that robust solutions can be built for you on time, with the highest quality, and within your budget. Whether you are revamping your infrastructure, enhancing CRM or looking to streamline your business, Inovex can deliver for you. Discover how you can gain an edge with Inovex - these links explain the Inovex Advantage.


Developing Custom Software Solutions for Business - technologies

Inovex is a Microsoft Certified Partner and develops the vast majority of its front-end applications and business logic using Microsoft development tools and frameworks. On the backend, our development team is well versed in a number of database technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL. NET Windows Forms technology allows developers to create visually appealing Windows applications in a short time frame.