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By: Human Perspective  09-12-2011

Human Perspective specializes in technology and manufacturing sectors. We are focused on increasing our client's knowledge of human resource strategy and how it applies to their unique work environment.

We recognize that businesses can be at different stages in development of their HR Strategy so we have developed three different levels of consulting services; Support, Partnership and Dynamic Growth, as well as specific services to support Mergers and Acquisitions. However which service is best for you is less about the size of your company and more about what impact you feel HR can play in your organization.


The heart of HR already exists within your company's managers who oversee the day to day activities of their teams. However, we can provide them with tools and support to make their job easier, create consistency between departments, and ensure the legal aspects of work are in place.

  • Short term solutions: compensation, performance management, employee communication, management skills, employee relations
  • Legislative compliance


The real impact of HR can only be experienced when it is championed as a business priority. We work with your executive team to develop and implement a longer term roadmap to align HR strategy with operational priorities and corporate strategy.

  • Human system audits
  • Advisory support and mentorship

Dynamic Growth

Initiating change brings greater success than reacting to it. Through our Authentic Workplace model, we play a pivotal role in developing and implementing an innovative HR strategy and a strong corporate culture to boost operational success.

  • Your off-site HR executive intimately connected to your corporate vision
  • Executive level coaching

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