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By: Hind-smith.com  09-12-2011
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We build applications from the ground up. We ask our clients to carefully spec out what and why they want the software to do. We break the functionality down into modules, and deliver each module to the client for 'sign off'. This allows us and our clients to mutually participate in the software development process, and ensure that the client has multiple places to ensure that the software will meet their needs during the development cycle.

Some of our client have portions of their FileMaker databases (catalogues etc) that they would like to make searchable on the web. Our team can work with the FileMaker databases you are currently using, and build a web interface so that clients, suppliers, and other interested third parties can see as much or as little data as you choose.

Our clients often have mature FileMaker applications that have been running for years, but need some professional development to keep them up to speed. We believe that the best way to properly enhance these types of applications is to have one of our team members onsite to work on the software. It allows us to immediately ask the business questions required to do a proper job, and permits our clients to continue using the software without interrupting their business flow.

Our project managers conduct regular onsite scoping sessions to ensure that the delivery of the project is kept on schedule and to our clients' expectations.

The popularity of ecommerce and other web sites written in SQL is immense. Many of our customers wish to have the best of both worlds by integrating their SQL based web site with a friendly FileMaker tool to modify data and run reports. We can make the two database systems work in harmony together.

QuickBooks is the #1 rated and #1 best-selling accounting software. With more than 2.5 million businesses having QuickBooks, it is the most widely owned small business accounting software. We can integrate your FileMaker system with QuickBooks so there is two way flow of information between the two products.

We perform onsite FileMaker training. We are able to tailor the training so that it is wrapped around actual FileMaker software that our clients currently are using, making the training hands on and practical to their particular business.

Many of our clients are still running FileMaker version 3.0 and 4.0. As operating systems continue to be developed (MacOSX, Windows XP), these older versions will gradually not work. The good news is that the migration to version 6.0 is fairly straightforward, and we can help make it a painless process.

Several of our clients have multiple offices or want to support people working at home by giving them real time access to FileMaker databases. If your organization doesn't want to setup and support a FileMaker server that provides access to the outside world, we provide this service for a reasonable monthly charge.

By outsourcing project management, our clients are able to concentrate on their core businesses while receiving 'on call' professional help to launch and coordinate major initiatives and contracts. Read our case study for TelePartners and CTC for a great example.

Coordinating and demanding quality from suppliers requires a focused effort. Allow our team to help you source, negotiate, coordinate, and manage suppliers for your next project.

Our team has over 10 years experience in the HR and instructional design field. We have the methodology and technology to properly poll your employees and provide meaningful answers back to your firm.

Proofing, editing, and consistency checking are crucial when tieing together a proposal or program. Let our team give your documents the extra care they need to become winners.

Keywords: Quickbooks