GBE - Gears & Bearings Engineering

By: Gbe  09-12-2011

  • Optimization studies and concept selection.
  • Detail Design according to customer Specifications and agreed concept.
  • Analysis and optimization of customer design and suggested modifications
  • Technical reports for the final design.
  • Gear Analysis software sales and support.
  • Technical support for manufacturing and testing; prototypes and production.
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Other products and services from Gbe


GBE - Gears & Bearings Engineering - Services - gear analysis software sales and support

Dontyne has developed software to meet all your gearbox design need from initial gear sizing to Load in and FE analysis. The software will design and rate parallel axis and planetary (spurs and helical) Gear Systems. We are an exclusive North American representative of Dontyne.


GBE - Gears & Bearings Engineering - Services - gas turbine engine gearboxes

We design the light weight and cost effective reduction and Accessory gearboxes for your gas turbine project. We supply you with optimised oil flow to all gear meshes and bearings of the gear train. Gears are designed to meet AGMA stress rating latest standards. Gearboxes are designed to highest power / weight ratio.