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By: Fiscal Agents  09-12-2011
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The Cornerstone of Financial Independence is not a privilege of the rich..
  It's a plan of the wise..®

The concept of Cornerstone® Planning stems from the simple "plan of the wise" statement above. By following the process that we have put together, you will have the benefit of the collective investment wisdom which we have acquired since 1977 in this business. We have been through both bull and bear markets, as well as periods of high and low interest rates. Why not benefit from our learned wisdom now rather than make costly mistakes as a result of investment inexperience?

As you are probably aware, the road to financial freedom is covered with many obstacles such as taxation, inflation, bear markets, unexpected expenses and pre-mature death. A good investment plan needs to recognize the potential obstacles that you will encounter along this road and make appropriate recommendations that suit your unique situation.

There is a long-held axiom in investing about the relationship between risk and reward where normally the more risk you take, the greater the long-term reward. The danger with this belief of course, is that some investments are so risky that they fail and there is no reward. If you make too many wrong choices, you may not have much to show for your investment experience. What we strive for with our portfolio recommendations is a customized asset allocation for you with sufficient diversification of investments to achieve your desired long-term results with the least amount of risk.

A customized portfolio cannot be created in a vacuum. Your input is critical. By working together, we try to learn your individual needs, circumstances, and attitudes towards certain types of investments and make suggestions that reflect your personality. To assist us in this regard, we have developed our own documents such as The Notepad ™ and The BluePrint ™ which you will see referred to throughout this website.

Simply building the “right” portfolio is not enough.

Your needs and circumstances will change over time. Although we do not advocate frequent changes to a portfolio, it is important to monitor you investment mix on a regular basis to ensure that you are on track for your goals and that any significant changes in your personal situation are addressed. Cornerstone® Planning is designed for regular scheduled reviews and updates with your Fiscal Agents account manager.

Keywords: Types Of Investments

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