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By: Fifth Light  09-12-2011
Keywords: Lighting, Facility Management, lighting control

  • Architect

    In addition to several environmental benefits, our Solutions also offer a number of aesthetic features.

    • LEED

      Score maximum LEED points by minimizing the lighting power density and lamp disposals.

    • Mood Lighting

      Use predefined lighting scenes to achieve the perfect illumination levels for presentations, meetings, computer work or reading.

    • Gentle Start-up

      Avoid eye strain by turning lights on at 1% and then gradually ramping them up to full power.

  • Consulting Engineer

    The extensive research and development that we have invested in our solutions will ensure that our systems will run reliably and deliver value for years to come.

    • Scalable

      Upgrade from Professional to Signature or Enterprise Solutions without changing hardware.

    • Reliability

      Industry leading warranty periods (72 months) on ballasts.

    • Performance

      Our ballasts have near unity Power Factor and ultra-low Total Harmonic Distortion at all dimming levels and all operating voltages.

    • Open protocol

      DALI compliant ballasts allow for a plug and play interface with 3rd party products.

    • Robust

      Our ballasts are specially designed to withstand line transients while providing constant light levels.

  • Building Owner/Manager

    Our Solutions are designed to reduce energy and maintenance costs while simplifying facility management activities.

    • Control Operating Costs

      Eliminating wasted energy through the use our advanced lighting control strategies.

    • Monitor and Diagnose

      Automatically detect tube failures and electronically notify service personnel.

    • Tenant Satisfaction

      Provide Tenants with customized lighting ergonomics.

    • Reduced Maintenance Costs

      Drastically reduce the rate of re-lamping and minimize space re-configuration costs.

  • Tenant

    Our Solutions will enhance the lighting quality of the work space while conserving energy. They make it easy to apply a uniform operating policy across a number of buildings and to participate in demand response programs.

    • Improved Lighting Quality

      Eliminate audible noise, flicker and glare while providing personalized lighting levels.

    • Green

      Minimize your environmental footprint by eliminating wasted energy and reducing the rate of lamp disposal.

    • Generate Revenue

      Solutions are Demand Response enabled.

    • Secure

      Information systems managed from secure data centers.

  • Contractor

    Our Enterprise Solution consolidates information and control of numerous lighting systems to a single point of access so that an entire porfolio of buildings can be centrally managed and operated.

    • Demand Response

      Lighting software determines the optimal way to shed lighting load on a priority basis.

    • Multi-building network

      Aggregate the demand for electricity of numerous buildings and manage them from a secure website.

    • Building Integration

      Our system reads and presents data collected by sub-metering systems for measurement and verification activities.

  • Keywords: Facility Management, Lighting, lighting control

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