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By: Emm Holdings  09-12-2011
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We will promote your property through local newspaper advertising, Internet advertising, flyers and circulars, and posting of rent signs. The cost is taken care of by the owner. These Medias have always found us a suitable tenant for your property.

Tenant Screening:
Our Screening process begins with a personal interview and the gathering of the tenant background information. From there we screen all tenant applicants through a screening service to determine credit worthiness, employment status and rental history.

We take care of all lease arrangements, the leases are all made by us (approved by the owners). We will get them signed and a tenant secured, delivering a copy to the owner and keeping one on file. All tenants are required to give post dated cheques that will be given to the owner for monthly rental deposit.

We negotiate with service providers to provide you the most cost effective maintenance, renovation, and upkeep of the building, when needed or wanted by the owner.

We keep accurate and timely records on all aspects of the management of your property. We maintain records that reflect all rental income and expenditures incurred in connection with our management of the property. We provide Owner originals of all invoices, statements, and billings received during such preceding month as well as such other information relating to the management of the property that, in the opinion of Agent, requires the attention of the Owner.

Monitoring your Property:
Our policy is to do periodic exterior inspections and interior inspections. If we see anything that would lead us to believe the property is not being maintained by the tenant as per the rental contract we make arrangements to view the inside. We maintain a file of digital photos of the interior and exterior of each property as part of the move-in move-out inspection; we always have our eye on your property.

Property Maintenance:
We look after the upkeep of your property and keep owners informed of the condition of their property. We keep your property looking its best.

Our management agreement includes the requirement for every landlord to carry insurance coverage on the property and the improvements situated on the property. We strongly recommend to tenants that they purchase renters insurance.

Residential Landlord-Tenant Act:
We manage your property within strict compliance with the Province of Ontario Residential Landlord-Tenant Act. We encourage all our clients to understand this governing document.

We handle all aspects of the eviction process at the owner's expense. The screening process we use will help to eliminate this unpleasant aspect of the business. Our goal is to never have to take this action.

Tenant issues:
We take care of all the communication with the tenants and take care of all their needs while a tenant. We are the tenants contact and are the first person they will contact with any rental issues; this will relieve the owner of any tenant hassles of their property.

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