Elimination Services Inc - Oakville & Mississauga Complete Lawn Care & Snow Plowing Specialists

By: Elimination Services  09-12-2011

Lawn Care
• Once per week cutting and trimming of all lawn areas.
• Calanderized applications of fertilizer three times yearly.
(Early Spring, mid Summer and late Fall)
• Weed spraying of all lawn areas twice yearly.
(Subject to Municipal By-Laws)
• Edging of all lawn areas, once per week.
• Complete Spring and Fall clean-ups.
• Weekly litter pick up on all lawn areas. Garden Care

• Weekly cultivation of garden beds.
• Fertilizing of garden beds, three times yearly.
• Weekly edging of all garden beds.
• Pruning of plant material where applicable.
• Complete Spring and Fall clean-ups. Tree & Shrub Care• Pruning of trees and shrubs, three times yearly.
However any major pruning work would be an extra charge.
• Weekly cultivation of tree and shrub beds.
• Fertilizing of tree and shrub beds, three times yearly. Sweeping• All grass clippings and leaves from lawn and
gardens will be disposed of by the contractor.
• All parking and walkway areas will be cleared of all
grass clippings and leaves on a weekly basis.Spring Planting• Pricing for planting of annual flowers (as requested) to
be quoted by the contractor upon confirmation of the
contract. Additional Services

• Complete lawn care ( weed control, fertilization,
aeration, insect and disease control ) as well as
cutting and trimming of all lawn areas ( fine cut or fields )
• Complete grounds care ( litter pick up, empty all garbage
cans and ash trays as needed ) An on site person can
be supplied if necessary, for access to alarm or electric
room etc.
• Complete tree care ( pruning of trees and shrubs as needed,
fertilizing trees and shrubs as well as control of disease
and insects through spraying )
• Power sweeping of all roadways and parking areas.
• Re-lining of parking lot.
• Planting of all annuals or perennials.
• Planting of all trees and shrubs.