DuBois Chemicals - Value Delivery Program

By: Dubois Chemicals  09-12-2011

The Value Delivery Program is our method of building quality and professionalism into our business for the purpose of assuring value to you.  We believe the customer’s recognition and acknowledgement of that value solidifies the long term customer/supplier relationship.

The essential element of the Value Delivery Program is communication in the form of an on-going dialogue to continuously confirm our current understanding of changing customer needs, while simultaneously gathering feedback on our performance as a supplier.  Obtaining that feedback is the essence of the Value Delivery Program.

Tools of the Value Delivery Program

The tools developed for the Value Delivery Program are all communications tools and include:

  • The Partnership AgreementThe most critical part of the program is to discuss your needs and expectations.  The Partnership Agreement is a written summary of these customer discussions, and it’s a confirmation that we understand what’s important to you. The purpose of the Partnership Agreement is to:
    • Identify the business expectations of our customer and each facility.
    • Confirm DuBois understanding of those expectations
    • Define how customer and DuBois will work together to contribute to the accomplishment of the customer’s business goals
      • Determine responsibilities
      • Determine how success/failure be measured
    • Establish a forum for customer/supplier communication
    • Agree to a working partnership
  • The Value Improvement Project Matrix (VIPM).  Identifies the projects that add value and help fulfill your expectations as expressed in the Partnership Agreement. Consider the VIPM to be a ‘to-do’ list. The Project Matrix has on-time project completion as its goal. The matrix identifies:
    • Baseline assessment of the area to be improved and specific tasks required for the completion of value-adding projects
    • The responsibility, either team or individual, for the completion of specific tasks and target dates for task completion.
    • An assessment of the value obtained with the completion of the project
  • The Progress Meeting.  This meeting is nothing more than an informal update on the progress of the activities in the Value Improvement Project Matrix.  They will be held as often as necessary to insure that projects stay on schedule and nothing has taken place that requires a change in activities.
  • The Completed Project Archive.  Completed projects are cleared from the VIPM and archived for future use.  The goal of each completed project is summarized, the project team is identified, and most importantly, the value of each completed project is assessed by the customer(s) involved.
  • The Quality Survey (Audit).  We believe in checking to ensure we are doing what we say.  The quality survey is an ‘outside audit’; designed to review product and equipment applications, service protocol, and safety/environmental concerns through new eyes. A technically capable and objective person from DuBois who is not associated with the account on a day-to-day basis conducts the survey.
  • The Value Review Meeting.  The Value Delivery Program emphasizes the importance of listening to you, fully understanding your business goals and needs, and utilizing the appropriate DuBois resources, products, and services to continuously exceed those expectations in order to promote long-term account retention and sales growth.

The final program step is to sit down with you to discuss all of the above items, allowing you to assess our overall performance and jointly identify the goals for the upcoming year. We call this process the Value Review Meeting.  We can conduct this meeting as often as required; depending upon your needs and the schedule will be developed as part of the partnership agreement process.

Simply stated, if DuBois does not provide value to our customer, then we have all wasted our time and resources.  Our Value Delivery Program is designed to ensure this does not happen and we maintain a valuable sustainable relationship.

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