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By: Dubois Chemicals  09-12-2011

DuBois has long been recognized as a leader in supplying more that just chemicals to its customers, and we believe that our work and service program sets us apart from the competition when it comes to providing you value.

DuBois will sit down with you to outline your service requirements and once agreed upon, will implement a service plan to meet them.

Our goal is simple…Keep your operation running at peak efficiency so you can worry about other aspects of your business.

Aspects of DuBois services that set us apart from the competition include:

Other products and services from Dubois Chemicals


DuBois Chemicals - Value Delivery Program

The Value Delivery Program emphasizes the importance of listening to you, fully understanding your business goals and needs, and utilizing the appropriate DuBois resources, products, and services to continuously exceed those expectations in order to promote long-term account retention and sales growth.


DuBois Chemicals - Safety & Technical Training

Some are designed to meet compliance requirements, and some are simply designed to make your facility a safer place for you and your employees. We offer to provide, or assist your safety professionals in presenting, safety training programs to your employees. These are dynamic, multimedia training packages, including practical exercises and pre/post assessments.


DuBois Chemicals - Laboratory Analysis

Our analytical laboratory runs thousands of tests on solutions and parts from customers’ manufacturing facilities. Analytical support equipment for soil identification & elemental analysis include. Some of our microbiology lab services include.


DuBois Chemicals - Chemical Management

With DuBois Chemical Management Systems as your management partner, you can concentrate on your business, not the chemical business. Research safer chemicals, processes and procedures. Coordination with other contractors and suppliers.


DuBois Chemicals - On-Site Customer Support and Service

Regulatory compliance and waste minimization assistance to work with you to help you find a customized solution that is right for your business, that keeps you in compliance in an environmentally responsible manner and still helps you to put profits on the bottom line. Local service to allow you to pay attention to your primary business and let us handle all aspects of your processes.