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By: Digipos  09-12-2011

With the Retail Blade Retailers can place the precise level of performance needed – right where it is needed, and if requirements change, the Retail Blade simply addresses the changing requirements.

Unique, removable motherboard and hard drive

The Retail Blade host becomes the foundation of the system and a separate Retail Blade motherboard is installed in the host. As required the motherboard can be removed and maintained or upgraded to the latest performance Blade. The simple service design ensures that technology purchased today does not become redundant.

Retail Blade challenges all competitors to measure up in extended life cycle, flexibility, openness, power management, ruggedized construction, and self service designs that quantifiably deliver the lowest total cost of ownership and highest ROI.

Retail Blade delivers an entire family of innovative POS systems for every budget and performance requirement, and allows for upgrades without destroying your original investment!

The Quantum Blade is the newest edition to the Blade family.

Additional features of the Quantum Blade:

  • Consumes at least 60% less energy than previous Retail Blade systems
  • Latest Intel Atom processor improves performance by 30%
  • Further reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Improved heat dissipation
  • Solid State Disk on Module (DOM) flash drive for added data storage
  • Additional 2 year warranty upgrade on existing Retail Blade systems

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