Four Major Development Trends of Valve Industry

Four Major Development Trends of Valve Industry from Dervos Industrial Valves Co., Ltd

By: Dervos Industrial Valves Co., Ltd  12-04-2016
Keywords: Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves

Market competition in the valve rounds has become fiercer in our country. Successful practice of equity on the future development trend of the valve is the focus of attention. Market analysts believe that there are four development trend of the valve. It will be quite a long time to be the main topic of the market. First, project energy saving valve series Development of large, small and new series products, such as small valve, large valves and track overhead drive valve; Variable speed product development, such as wetlands, wetland, desert, bushes, high temperature and high pressure, low temperature low pressure valves and heavy and light valve; Development of multi-functional, multi-purpose products, multi-purpose valve, high efficiency and energy saving. Promising products are: large valve wheel, mechanical and electrical integration regulator, high-power caterpillar gate, new track ball valve series, small butterfly valve. Second, Multi-purpose hydraulic control valve Development of high performance hydraulic control valve, such as emissions, high sensitivity, corrosion resistance, resistance to friction, zero leakage, hydraulic control valves, development integration technology, computer technology, high level of monitoring technology of hydraulic control valves, good development operation reliability, high security, good product. Third, Intelligent electric regulator aiming at remote control To develop high performance large regulator so as to adapt to the need for large projects in China, the development of miniature regulator needs to satisfy the furrowing dig canal, buried cables, such as narrow operation needs, development to adapt to the power stations, oil, coal, water conservancy, farmland, urban construction which needs new varieties of regulating valve; Development under various working conditions of valve operators can monitor, control and improve the working conditions of intelligent electric control valve. Promising products are: large and medium-sized intelligent electric control valve, micro intelligent electric control valve, remote control type intelligent electric control valve. Fourth, the valve industry aiming to generalization Development of high security, high reliability and high level product with good performance, the development of the technology equipped with advanced electronic integration of a large valve, deformation of product development to develop in the direction of generalization, standardization and seriation. Sales Contact: Jeasin Lee Sales Email: [email protected]

Keywords: Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Industrial Valves, Plug Valves

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