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By: Chard Wealth Management  09-12-2011

We help our clients through a very detailed understanding of each client’s unique situation, we are able to prepare holistic, comprehensive financial solutions. Each team member has been chosen to fulfill a specific role in bringing this financial experience to you. Our promise to you is exceptional service and committed work on your behalf.

Working with Chard Wealth Management

Our comprehensive financial review begins with a thorough discovery process. We work with you to clearly understand what you already have and what you have set in place for the future. During this process we establish and clearly define all of your financial goals.

A Detailed Financial Analysis with an Action Plan

With the knowledge of your unique circumstances, Chard Wealth Management will construct a detailed roadmap to help you achieve your financial goals. This process brings you peace of mind by providing a clearly defined financial plan, which helps you to visualize, articulate and ultimately, attain your goals. Within this financial plan, meaningful benchmarks will be established and regular reviews along the way will help you track your progress. Your team at Chard Wealth Management is always available to discuss any financial implications to your plan should circumstances or your objectives change

A Personalized Investment Policy Statement

Chard Wealth Management prepares a specialized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) for every client. This IPS is the written “agreement” that succinctly captures all the key relational elements (goals, objectives, risk tolerance, allocations, time horizons…) necessary to guide the client/advisor relationship.


Frequency of contact is something that is very important to our clients. Regular meetings, consistent contact and performance reporting makes it easier for you to know that you are on track to meet your goals. Ongoing education is also something taken seriously. Monthly newsletters, investor bulletins entitled “Weekly Minutes”, seminars and conference calls along with an annual review, ensures that our clients feel like we are in constant contact with them.


Very few investors are aware of all the various costs associated with their investments. Many investors are paying higher fees without receiving superior service or investment expertise. Rather than paying traditional commissions on every transaction made on their behalf, our clients pay a quarterly fee based on the value of their investments. Our fee is typically a fraction of what conventional mutual fund portfolios or WRAP programs charge. In addition, the fees may be even more cost-effective because in certain situations (for securities held outside registered plans) the fee may be tax deductible. Working on a fee basis also gives us more flexibility in managing investments. Our fee for service structure aligns our interests with yours, as our fees only increase when your assets grow. Most importantly, our fee structure is easy to explain and is entirely transparent.

Constant and Diligent Monitoring

Life is constantly evolving and changing. For example, the investment environment changes, legislation that will affect your financial planning objectives changes, and your personal situation changes. It is important that we adapt to these changes. As dedicated professionals it is imperative that we ensure that any of these changes are properly reflected and accounted for in your overall Wealth Plan.


Our team has been selectively designed to have a group of individuals - with diverse capabilities, expertise and skill sets - available to our clients. Individually, we focus our energies on specific competencies (investments, financial planning, service, administration, market updates) so that collectively we can deliver advice that is second to none.

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