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By: Canleads  09-12-2011
Keywords: Mortgage, Proprietary Software

About Our Mortgage and Loan Leads
Each mortgage and loan lead provided to your organization by is initiated by consumers at one of the following:

• Our network of websites
• One of our growing list of approved affiliate websites
• Web Marketing programs

The benefit to you as the lender or broker is that the consumer finds us, rather than the other way around. We (or one of our approved affiliates) provide excellent informational content to an Internet surfer who is seeking knowledge on loans and mortgages. The intent of this is to lead the surfer (prospect) to proactively take the next step: engaging us to find a lender for them. The prospect fills out a questionnaire, providing detailed personal information, short-term requirements, contact information, etc. This information is then passed on to our customers (lenders or brokers), who contact the prospect directly. In other words, provides our customers – lenders and brokers – with qualified leads.

What We Do Not Do
We do not provide arbitrary quotes or even answer loan- or mortgage-related questions asked by prospects. All contact with the prospect is through the lender or broker who purchases this prospect’s information as a lead. The qualification form asks for detailed information, which we then filter through our proprietary software filtering system and pass on to you as a lender or broker.

Keywords: Mortgage, Proprietary Software