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By: Ambrose International  09-12-2011

Good business means good people.  It also means great service that’s energized by this most valuable asset.  When you factor in great products of exceptional quality and value you have a sure formula for success.

At Ambrose International it’s always been that simple.  Committed to customers’ needs, Ambrose begins and ends with providing the best quality customer service imaginable.  This is accomplished by assembling the most knowledgeable and capable team of experienced veterans.  By encouraging its employees to “think-out-of-the-box” and make front-line decisions, layers of corporate structure are eliminated.  Creative thinking is encouraged.  Problem-solving is stressed.  The result?  A company able and ready to react with lightning-quick decisions.  Individual situations are given a level of personal attention exemplary in the industry.

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Because of its ability to procure some of the best paper values on the planet - offering incredible price vs. performance ratios - Ambrose enjoys extensive support from the local printing community. Ambrose's proprietary brands of paper - quickly becoming the standard 'house' choice within the region - are backed by a full line of mill brands.