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By: Alliance Healthcare  09-12-2011

Exercise is one of the five pillars or essentials of health and wellness. Three times per week or daily exercise is essential to all avenues of health. Exercise stimulates the body and preps it for bodily functions, the expenditure of energy and the most importantly fun! It is a given that the professional athlete utilizes athletic therapists. You will see them on the bench or sidelines of most major sports.

Also known as natural medicine is alternative form of medicine that focuses on remedies that are all natural sources and teaches the body to heal and maintain itself. This is a holistic approach that minimizes the use of surgery and pharmaceuticals.

There are certain times when pain is of particular discomfort. Clinical trials have shown that some patients respond acutely to this ancient Chinese modality called Acupuncture. Modern research shows that this could be due to the release of receptors at the cellular level in your body called endorphins. For this reason Acupuncture can bring positive results in the avenue of speeding up the healing process.

With todays fast pace world it’s easy to get caught up with stress on the road. Thousands of people trying to get to different places at the same time it can definitely add a certain degree of danger to our daily drives. That’s why our team at Alliance is well equipped to deal with the many complications of Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA). Our experience with MVA’s lies in the facets of our team educated to deal with any type of MVA injury.