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How it Works.

The Steps.

1.  Join

2.  Once you pay your first montly membership dues, we will send you a unique login to our membership area        where you will be able to manage your flying

4.  Fly

If you have never flown a tail-wheel before we have an introductory program.  You will be met by one of our mentors who will provide you up to ten hours conversion time if needed.  If the conversion time is not needed a short check out by a mentor and you're good to go flying. Advanced training is also available and will be offered as programs are developed.  

How We Price?

Our pricing is unique.  Once you decide to join 3Point you pay a small monthly due to keep your membership active.  The due covers basic administrative costs for the membership area.  When you want to fly you pay one set fee which reserves the aircraft for a block of time.  The fee does not change regardless of hours flown in the block.  Our block prices are set at the beginning of each season.  That's it.  But we do reward you for flying more.  

For example,

You book the aircraft for a morning (sunrise to noon) and arrive at the airport around 7 am.  After a preflight check you take the plane up for an hour and decide to head to Burlington, land around 8:30 am, grab some breakfast and meet up with some friends.  Then you decide to head over to Charlie's Field to try out some grass landings around 9:30 am.  At 10:30 am you start heading back to Guelph, takes a few detours and land around 11:30 am. Fuel the plane and return it to the hanger for 12:00.  3Point invoices you $160 including taxes dry rate.  

Total Flight Time:  3+ hours.  Fee paid to 3Point: $160.  Converted to the traditional dry rate this would work out to about $53 an hour ($160 divided by 3) including taxes.  

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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