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By: Cornerstones Of Health  09-12-2011

Cornerstones of Health || Services || Supplements and Nutritional Counselling

Supplements and Nutritional Counselling   
We will also be offering nutritional counselling on a monthly basis. If you would like to have an assessment, please contact us at to find out when the the next session is being offered.Food Preparation Classes.
Here is a sample of the classes that Timothy has hosted in the past. Please keep checking back to see when and what is offered next

January 13, 2008
Need help in keeping those New Year’s Resolutions, Timothy can help you to reduce your calories at the same time as keeping your food delicious. Class will focus on using herbs and spices to create magic. He will also help you with time management while you are in the kitchen to simplify eating healthier. 

February 10, 2008
Need a mid winter ‘pick me up’? This class will offer some time proven techniques in making amazing soups and stew’s. Timothy will also give an introduction to almond ‘milk’ and cashew ‘cheese’. Timothy will teach you how to make those tasty crackers that everyone has been raving about for years! 

March 30, 2008
Technically, Spring is here, so we will be celebrating like the daffodil’s are already blooming. This class will focus on preparing a wonderful 4 course seasonal dinner that anyone can prepare. One that won’t keep you in the kitchen all day, AND all night while everyone else is out at the table eating the previous course as you get the next one ready.

Each session will be offered at a cost of $60.00. Sign up for all three and receive an incredible bonus cook book with a value of $30.00.

Space is limited to 5 people per class. So don´t hesitate, as they will go fast. Email Timothy for more information or to register.
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