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By: Sentrana  09-12-2011
Keywords: Change Management, Revenue Optimization

Micromarket science is rooted in the principle that different customers derive different levels of utility from the same product and will therefore be willing to pay different amounts for that product. Extrapolating this truth to the universe of possible customer-product combinations means that each individual combination has a “right” price, where the price exactly matches what the customer is willing to pay, and no more. The business insight for a company with 400,000 SKUs and 100,000 individual customers is that there are really 40 Billion unique customer-product combinations, and each combination has an optimal price. Using statistical and probabilistic techniques to find these prices with a high level of statistical accuracy is how we apply micromarket concepts to revenue optimization strategy, while our MarketMover™ technology allows us to process these prices and deliver them to salespeople or a comparable customer touch-point for execution in the field.

Every company leaves a unique footprint in the market and is in turn impacted by market feedback uniquely. The uniqueness of a company’s interaction-feedback cycle means that any mathematical models attempting to predict the market’s response to pricing & marketing decisions must be customized as well. There is no universal best model that can be applied to every company indiscriminately. Our strength at Sentrana lies in our ability to calibrate different mathematical, statistical, and econometric models to optimize different variables in line with our clients’ different top-line objectives, such as market share, gross profit, or margin increase.

The shift to a revenue optimization solution based on scientific micromarketing requires expert change management from both Sentrana and our clients. We have found that the ultimate success, measured as a significant top- and bottom-line performance increase for our clients, requires alignment between:

  • Design and custom configuration of the technology
  • Enterprise marketing, and sales processes
  • Specific top-line objectives
  • Organizational structure

Aligning the customization and configuration of our software with not only your organization’s specific top-line revenue goals, but also with your internal organization and processes is what turns MarketMover into a powerful decision support tool for its users. We devote effort commensurate with the software development itself to change management in order to ensure that our clients are getting the most that they possibly can from our software.

The Sentrana Difference

In addition to our commitment, experience and expertise, there are several points of differentiation that put Sentrana’s capabilities above and beyond competing solutions:

  • Micromarketing expertise
  • Odds-based decision-making
  • Holistic approach that accounts for synergies between marketing-mix complements
  • Solution transparency with our clients
  • Incorporation of prior knowledge into models for hybrid solutions
  • Living models (rebuilt and re-estimated with latest knowledge & data)
  • Integration solutions for Marketing & Operations

Our Promise

Before we engage in a project of the complexity that revenue optimization requires, we analyze your historical transactions data to determine that a significant gain is imminently within reach. Once we’ve passed this milestone and begin our work, we promise to commit our team to delivering a solution that is based on original insight, thought leadership, and rigorous scientific analysis. In this regard, we measure our success only as a byproduct of the success we create for our clients.

Keywords: Change Management, Revenue Optimization