Security Laminates

By: Peter Fabian  27-08-2012
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Modern construction trends are more and more often utilizing glass in architectural design. Unfortunately glass has a major weakness, it breaks! When glass breaks, especially large panes of glass, it can break into long daggers or small bullet-like projectiles. With any forceful impact, these shards can fly almost anywhere risking injury to those in proximity.

Keywords: Peter fabian

Other products and services from Peter Fabian


400 Series — High-End security

Our top of the line security laminate is the SL 20, which is designed for violent crime areas or countries


300 Series — Bullet and Bomb Resistance

Our 300 Series is our most versatile product line offering protection against burglary, bomb blast, hurricanes and even small arms


200 Series — Safety and Security

Our 200 Series Safety and Security Laminate serves as part of an overall protection system that resists against common ‘smash


100 Series — Safety films

Our 100 Series Safety Film forms an invisible barrier that reinforces your windows and resists penetration against common accidental breakage.