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By: Latitude  09-12-2011
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Marble finds a comfortable home in the bath. Comprised of crystallized, metamorphic rock, marble is a fragile beauty. It is a beauty that must be respected, however, for it has been used throughout time for its great vibrancy and soft elegance. There are many places in the world where marble is quarried, Italy being the most renowned.

A marble countertop is a thing of beauty that should be maintained on a regular basis to protect it from harsh elements common in households. The feel of marble is very soft and smooth—a newborn stone. Unlike granite, the pours of marble readily absorb any liquids that rest on its surface. Maintain a clean dry surface when using marble in your in your home.

A kitchen countertop will suffer the most abuse of any countertop in your home. This is ultimate reason that low maintenance surfaces are recommended for use in the kitchen and marble is not. Bathrooms, however, suffer less abuse and generally have a smaller areas to maintain. Maintaining a small vanity or ledge in the bath is not a terribly large price to pay for an item that rewards you with such beauty as marble does.

Latitude offers marble for its great beauty. The colours available in our standard collection of marbles are each entry level stones—a great value for surfaces as complimentary as marble. There are, however, numerous unique natural marbles available at various price points.

Granite is an experience

Each day you come in contact with your countertop or natural granite surface, you are touching a part of nature and a part of nature is touching you. Whether it be the absolutely dramatic Louise Blue or the sophisticated Nero Assoluto or Delicatos, granite conveys a message of beauty all its own; a different story to each set of eyes reading it.

Natural Granites are quarried all over the world and as such, the selection is as vast as the organic colour palette of nature. Granites are exotic, soft and strong, vibrant and muted, ethereal and earthy.

Everything about Granite is exciting. Viewing slabs of granite is an exciting experience. And having granite in your home is exciting, for the selection is almost endless and the design opportunities are immeasurable.

Natural Granite is a balance of stunning design opportunity and durability. Granite is not an impractical beauty; it is durable and strong and is capable of being shaped into a variety of designs. When sealed, it stands up to the daily abuses we put our surfaces through as users.

You must nurture your granite, though not to an extreme amount. Cleaning after use and simply wiping up after spills occur should keep your granite looking beautiful for as many years as you decide to keep it. Resealing your granite at least once every five years will offer you added protection against staining. You get more than you give when you invest in granite.

Keywords: Countertop, Granite, Marble

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