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The Headwaters RDC’s transportation program includes what we call “allocative” as well as “creative” planning activities.  The allocative activities address the distribution of transportation resources, principally federal funding.  In this role, Headwaters RDC helps the Mn/DOT District offices (principally Districts 2 and 4) staff the Area Transportation Partnership (ATP) Committees as they set priorities for the use of federal funds.

We emphasize the creative planning activities because that is where we add the most value to our Region.  In this role we help local governments with planning and development efforts that address their most important transportation problems and opportunities.  In the past we have been heavily involved in efforts to find alternative routes for truck traffic, developing a new scenic byway, and enhancing trail networks.

Areawide Transportation Partnerships (ATP’s)

An Areawide Transportation Partnership concept has been created statewide in order to make transportation funding decisions at the local level.

The Northwest District ATP has been organized according to MnDOT District 2 State Aid Boundaries to include the counties of Kittson, Marshall, Roseau, Pennington, Red Lake, Polk, Norman, Hubbard, Beltrami, Lake of the Woods, and Clearwater.  Representatives from a variety of entities, including cities, counties, MnDOT District 2, transit, industry, tribal, and RDC and MPO are included in the ATP membership.

NW District ATP Membership:

Luane Tasa, State Aid Engineer-Mn/DOT (Chair)
Craig Collison, Assistant District Engineer-Mn/DOT Representative
Kent Ehrenstrom, Mn/DOT Transit-Regional Transit Representative
Earl Haugen, GF-EGF MPO Representative
Ron Lindberg, City of Thief River Falls, Cities > 5000 Representative
Mick Alm, Norman County Engineer, Counties Representative
Warren Strandell, Polk County Commissioner, NWRDC Representative
Don Jensen, Pennington County Commissioner, NWRDC Representative
Dennis Parker, Chippewa National Forest, HRDC Representative
Dave Olsonawski, Hubbard County Engineer, HRDC Representative
Jim Walker, Red Lake Tribe, Tribal Representative

Staff Members:

Matthew Dyrdahl, HRDC
Nancy Ellis, Grand Forks/East Grand Forks MPO
Troy Schroeder, NWRDC
Graig Gilbertson, MnDOT

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Headwaters Regional Development Commission - Bemidji, MN Way - growth mgmt

Headwaters Regional Development Commission recently assisted the City of Mahnomen in completing a comprehensive plan that has identified a clear and compelling vision of the community’s future and its comprehensive goals and strategies.


Headwaters Regional Development Commission - Bemidji, MN Way - community dev

Community development activities include housing efforts, downtown and neighborhood improvements, growth management projects, park and recreation planning, and transportation improvements. The goal of the Community Development program is to help local customers develop and implement strategies designed to improve their community.


Headwaters Regional Development Commission - Bemidji, MN Way - parks recreation

In the future the City hopes to secure funding to construct the second and third phases of the system that will consist of a loop in the southern half of the City and a trail connecting the park on Blackduck Lake. Local groups within the City also stepped up to the plate and helped raise a significant portion of the remaining funds the City will need to fill the remaining gap.


Headwaters Regional Development Commission - Bemidji, MN Way - housing

Headwaters RDC staff accessed gap financing resources from Minnesota Housing and Greater Minnesota Housing Fund and the Wells Fargo Foundation to help moderate income families get into homes that they would otherwise be unable to afford.


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Over the last four years, community leaders have found ways to align their resources, craft a common community agenda, and begin the process of learning to work together for a better future. The thing that holds most communities back is the inability of their leaders to work together and to help the community agree on a common agenda.


Headwaters Regional Development Commission - Bemidji, MN Way - tran selected projects

In addition, nationwide and state trends in student health, inactivity and obesity show that the District has opportunities for a win-win solution to both its transportation and student health issues by encouraging more students to walk or bike to school.