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By: Esd Canada  09-12-2011

David VJ Bell PhD, Chair of LSF, co-Chair of ESD Canada and EASO, attended the UNESCO conference, held March 31-April 2 at site of the former Bundestag buildings (from time when Bonn was capital of West Germany). Over 700 participants from 150 countries were present. This was a UNESCO ‘’category IV’’ conference (experts meeting.

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Through immigration movements we learnt that we are living in a pluri-multi-inter- trans society composed by groups from diverse origins. Being part of the globalized culture is not exclusively related with economy: it is also related with cultural and personal identity. In our postmodern world we have a clear consciousness of our mutual vulnerability and mutual interdependence.


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This article reviews four bodies of research that shed light on how to promote active care for the environment in children and youth: research on sources of proenvironmental behavior, socialization for democratic skills and values, the development of a personal sense of competence, and the development of collective competence.