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By: David Cohen & Associates  09-12-2011
Keywords: Retirement, Tax, tax planning

Individuals & Families
Comprehensive retirement planning requires that a financial planner analyzes a client’s existing resources and determine how much must be saved to reach a particular level of projected retirement income. A good retirement planner should also be prepared to assist his or her client in developing realistic retirement objectives and lifestyles, and help ensure that the client is aware of the decisions and adjustments that he or she may have to make at retirement. A retirement planner guides his or her client to retire to something, not just from something. At David Cohen & Associates we provide this type of comprehensive retirement planning services for all our clients. Regardless of income level, age or gender our advisors specialize in providing excellent advice and suitable retirement plans that take into consideration the specific needs and objectives of each client.

Higher Net Worth Clients -


Wealth Creator™

program was specifically designed as a retirement planning solution for higher net-worth clients. In a customized manner,

Wealth Creator™

provides the client with more control over their RRSP investments without increasing tax liability.

It is specifically advantageous to clients who are currently investing the maximum allowable in a registered plan and/or creating additional wealth through real estate, an incorporated business or professional practice and/or other equity type investments/hedge funds.

The Wealth Creator is a customized program that is beneficial to clients who are professionals, business owners, and high income earners who require advanced tax planning and expertise to minimize taxation and fund retirement plans effectively.

The investment structure provided by the program is unique and offers vastly superior annual cash flows and an enhanced capital base at death by utilizing tax minimization and wealth creation strategies. Without increasing your current investment allocations or making any radical change to your investment philosophy and without increasing risk, the Wealth Creator program offers investors the opportunity to;

  • Double your ongoing after-tax returns on your preferred investments
  • Significantly increase net worth for your - possibly double your estate value


Wealth Creator™

Program is an investment structure that will allow you to:

  • Continue to invest your money where you like, how you like.
  • Take advantage of substantial tax savings every year.
  • Access the money in your plan absolutely tax free when you retire

Please call us for further information on the Wealth Creator program.

Keywords: Retirement, Tax, tax planning