Chai Lifeline Programs & Services

By: Chai Lifeline Canada  09-12-2011

Families of children with serious illness face a host of challenges on numerous fronts, challenges that immeasurably compound the difficulty of their arduous struggle of combating the disease itself. Chai Lifeline Canada addresses the full spectrum of needs, from logistical to social, recreational to psychological. Chai Lifeline Canada reaches out not only to patients, but also to parents, siblings, classmates, school faculty, and the community as well.

Despite our size, Chai Lifeline Canada is an organization comprised of caring, compassionate individuals who are sensitive to the unique needs of each individual they help. When families feel alone and overwhelmed, Chai Lifeline Canada staff members and volunteers extend a helping hand, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on - and a loving heart. Because, at the end of the day, that is what Chai Lifeline Canada is all about - fighting illness with love.

Children's Programs

Help for extraordinary drug costs.

WOW Gifts

Special gifts that restore the spirits of hospitalized children.

Support for the young children of a seriously ill parent.

Weekend Wonders

Long weekend parties for children

Named in memory of Dr. Samuel Abraham, Located on the Jack & Moishe Horn Campus, Glen Spey, NY A magical, medically supervised camping experience for children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

Named In memory of Zvi Dovid Obstfeld, Located on the Jack and Moishe Horn Campus The first camp designed to meet the medical and social needs of children with a disparate number and range of serious chronic or genetic conditions.

Joseph & Elsie Listhaus ChaiLink Program

Video-teleconferencing technology links hospitalized or home-bound children with their school, friends, and the academic life to which they long to return.


"Big Brothers" and "Big Sisters" maintain ongoing relationships with seriously ill youngsters or siblings. Among Heart-to-Heart activities for children are art activities sponsored by the Ari Adler Adventures in Art program, child-friendly trips, pizza and ice cream parties, and holiday festivities.

Disney World Trip

Sponsored by the Ohr Meir FoundationFour wonderful days in America's most famous wonderland lift the spirits of seriously ill children and teens.

The Hartman Family Foundation Wish at the Wall

A project of Chai Lifeline MidwestA spiritually reinvigorating trip to Israel for teens who are at least one-year post-treatment or whose chronic illness can be medically managed during the energetic ten-day excursion.

Elimelech Moskowitz H.E.L.P.

Homebound Educational Learning ProgramProfessional tutoring in Jewish studies for children ages 5-18.

Shining Stars

After-school fun for special needs children that focuses on building skills and developing friendships

Family Programs

Case management

Immediate help, information, emotional and psychosocial support, and immediate access to all of Chai Lifeline Canada's programs and services.


Individual, group and family counseling for sick children, siblings and parents.

Financial Assistance

Help for families impacted by loss of income due to a child�s illness.

Hospital Services

Transportation assistance, meals for patients and caregivers, and personal entertainment systems for children ease the stress of a child�s hospitalization

Annual Winter Retreat

Three days of peer and professional support and renewal for parents and children.

Donald Alan Harris Healing Hearts Bereavement Programs

Counseling, retreats, and other innovative approaches to help parents and siblings cope with the loss of a beloved family member.

Bernard & Lucille Katz Chailine Telephone Support Groups

Support and counseling for parents via bi-weekly telephone support groups that connect them with other parents of seriously ill children and a therapist. Informational ChaiLines brings groups of parents together with an acknowledged expert to discuss issues in pediatric illness of concern to parents. A professional therapist moderates the group, during the interactive portion, parents have the opportunity to ask questions.

Family Programs

Tickets to ball games and cultural events give children and adults warm memories that sustain them through painful and difficult periods.

Project CHAI

Chizuk, Healing and InterventionCrisis intervention teams assist families, schools, camps, synagogues and other community institutions during the first days and weeks following the diagnosis of serious illness, or the death of a child or young parent. Sparks of Strength Lending Library offers tapes on issues surrounding bereavement.

Chizuk Retreats

Focused, day-long doses of peer, professional and spiritual support in a family-friendly environment that permits parents and children to spend time together in relaxed settings.

Holiday Parties, Family Days & Special Events

Bringing families together for Chanukah, Purim and other special days brings smiles to children's faces and moments of hope to their parents while making memories that will last a lifetime.

Volunteer Training

Special workshops and training sessions introduce new volunteers to Chai Lifeline's goals, practices, policies, and philosophy.

Toy Drives

Bring joy to patients and their siblings by collecting and distributing toys, games, books, and gift cards during the Chanukah season.


Specially Important Brothers and SistersSocial and recreational activities give brothers and sisters the opportunity to befriend other siblings and receive the extra attention they need to thrive in a difficult environment.

Stella K. Abraham Family Center

Located on the Jack & Moishe Horn Campus, Glen Spey, NYMini-vacations on the magnificent Jack & Moishe Horn Campus filled with rest, relaxation, and recuperation for parents and children. The Family Center is open from September to June whenever there are no Chai Lifeline programs in residence.

David J. & Dina Lipins Publications

Children's magazines, volunteers' manual, information for educators and HeartBeats, Chai Lifeline's news publications keep parents, supporters, friends and the medical and educational communities updated on Chai Lifeline programs and activities, and their impact on the lives of our children and their families.

4xChai Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved by being a Big Brother or Sister, prepare gift baskets for patients and families, visit homebound patients, or be a counselor at our social and recreational events.