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By: Caritas Project  09-12-2011

August 15, 2011

Charles writes: Where I have been and where I may go aren’t as important as where I am.  Right now, I am healthy and I am whole.  I was before a ship adrift with no captain at the helm, but now I am an anchored vessel with compass and captain prepared to meet any rough [..]

July 22, 2011

BC Writes: Before entering the Caritas program, my life had become unmanageable and I had begun a downward spiral into what I perceived as my own personal hell.  I felt as if my soul had died and I was lost trying to find myself in a thick everlasting fog.  I have only just started to [..]

July 14, 2011

Denis writes: Today I am writing about how much courage it took for me to come into this program, especially at my age, being in my late 50’s.  When I first heard about this program being two-years, I couldn’t believe it!  I was very reluctant to come into the program, but I had no choice [..]

July 7, 2011

Maximus writes: As a child my mother would tell me “Sometimes you have to go through hell if you want to get to heaven.” Back then I really didn’t understand what this meant.  But now that I have been through my hell, I am starting to see the light at the end of my tunnel.  [..]

June 30, 2011

Frank writes: What I have gained through community living at Caritas is everything that I have lost, eventually would have lost and so much more.  Most importantly I have a better understanding of myself and who I am.  This is something which could only have been attained through community living.  We are able to view [..]

June 24, 2011

Scotty writes: Drugs, alcohol and gambling is what I turned to at an early age.  It robbed me from many opportunities, and took extreme positive potential away from myself.  It drained the life of those who loved me the most.   Drinking mouthwash in a homeless shelter was the end result.   I was totally desperate for [..]

June 21, 2011

Ryan writes: I feel I fell down when I was smoking weed instead of going to school and learning.  The only thing I really learned in high school was how to sell and smoke weed.  I also learned how to cook and to drive which is about it.  I let my addiction to weed and [..]

June 16, 2011

Jeff Writes: Being a member of the community here at Caritas has taught me many things.  I have had the opportunity to learn about myself through other people.  I’ve learned that everyone has noticeable short comings and if I focus too much on other people’s weaknesses I blind myself to the innate good-spirit that every [..]

June 22, 2010

Cian writes: He came from humble beginnings in a rough city and country He made due with whatever was provided to him by his mother and other siblings He joined the work force after high school, a diligent worker, respected and admired He always aimed for perfection and will not rest until he worked for [..]

March 15, 2010

Audley writes:  The worst mistake I’ve made in my life to this day, I would have to say is to finish high school and instead of going to college for a career, I chose to go with a friend to Florida for a year, which is where my drug habit started and it so happened [..]

The duration of the program is 25 months and it is offered as a complete experience in 4 phases. Caritas has both urban and rural settings: The main Centre and residences located in North Toronto, and the 90 acre farm and spiritual Centre, located approximately 25 minutes north of the Centre.

You asked.. We answered. There are many questions once one embarks on or contemplates a journey. Please read on as we have tried our best to answer your questions. This is good read for all inquiring minds.

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Caritas Project | Archive | The Courageous Pen

Caritas has both urban and rural settings: The main Centre and residences located in North Toronto, and the 90 acre farm and spiritual Centre, located approximately 25 minutes north of the Centre. My perception of a mistake is that it is neither good nor bad because for me every time a door closes. Before coming into this program I was living in homeless shelters and on the street for two years.