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By: Car Cosmetics  09-12-2011
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Lease Return

Is it time to return your leased vehicle? As the lease return inspection approaches, many of us start noticing those dents, door dings, scratches, scuffs and paint, wheel and bumper damages we ignored before. It’s called wear and tear. That’s ok, you don’t have to stress, though your last lease return experience may have been unpleasant. 

Lease return inspector use selective rules which determine if you will be charged for dings, dents, scratches and other vehicle damage. Those rules depend on the make of your car. Usually German automakers and higher-end cars such as Lexus, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Land Rover, Bentley, Porsche, Maserati, Acura, Infinity are harder to deal with because they charge for anything bigger than a minor ding and even charge for some door dings. On the other hand, auto companies such as Saab, Ford, Chevy may let you go with scratch longer then four inches and dent bigger then three inches.

So what are you to do? It could be painful situation because you know you could get charged hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in inflated dealer repair costs on a car that you will not even own. We know the feeling. We see it in the eyes of many of our customers.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We have solutions. You don’t have to spend $ 200 -300 for scuffs on rims, hundreds more for dent and door ding repairs, or thousands for scratches, paint transfers and bumper damage. You can do it all in one place for reasonable prices far below dealer charges – here at Car Cosmetics.

There are two approaches you can take: You can have your car pre-inspected from your lease return company and come to us with a estimate. W we will make sure we can give you better deal. Or, even better, don’t give lease inspector even chance to point out what is wrong and record it. Let us fix the problems before you return your car so that you can end your lease easily and hassle free.

Paintless Dent Removal

is a cost-efficient technique for removing dings, creases and minor dents without using paint or fillers. This handcrafted repair method uses a unique skill to transform your dent or ding into a work of art! PDR provides time saving results and restores instant resale value to your vehicle without inconvenience.

Understanding the PDR process is simple, but performing it correctly is another matter. We use crafted tools that are needed to gain access to the damaged panel, while using a special board that casts a reflection of curvature across the ding or dent. Our PDR technician uses eye-hand coordination to pin point the tip of their tool on the exact location of the door ding or dent. Using quality and controlled pressure, your dented panel is meticulously removed without sacrificing your vehicles resale value and most important, the integrity of your finish. The outcome performed by our PDR technicians is simply amazing!

However, not all dings and dents are created equal. Nor are PDR technicians. It takes months of training and years of experience for a PDR technician to become an expert in his craft. Determining the best way to remove a ding, crease or minor dent takes knowledge and experience to ensure flawless results. Car Cosmetics guarantees that our service, knowledge and long experience will live up to your expectations and beyond!

In addition, our mobile service provides a suitable solution that saves you time and money because we come to you. All our PDR repairs come with a complete satisfaction guarantee or no charge will be applied 


At Car Cosmetics we are proudly determined to astound you with remarkable results. We thank you in advance for your interest and consideration regarding Car Cosmetics.

Bumper Repair

Advantages of "in Shop" bumper repairWe use proven procedures when we fix bumpers in our shop. But that doesn’t mean that you will have to leave your car. We will remove a damaged part and you can just leaveyour bumper behind.

Today many bumpers have moldings, back up sensors and other plastic components. For quality results, bumpers and their components need to be removed from vehicles, disassembled and painted separately. That allows painter to paint areas which would otherwise be hard or impossible to reach. Bumpers and other parts are base (primer) coated, painted with the matching color, then clear coated for deep, glossy and wet- looking finish.

Body Work, paint and repair

We have cost-effective and time saving solutions for minor accidents and fender benders. Car Cosmetics specializes in repairing dents, deep key scratches, paint chips, stretch dents and bumper scuffs.

Without surrendering quality, we provide fast and convenient service for all accident and auto body damage. Our experienced technicians restore your scratched or damaged metal panels by removing damage, resurfacing, repainting and blending the paint into your factory finish. When completed, there is virtually no difference from your vehicle’s factory or custom paint.

While fast and cost-effective, Car Cosmetics provides state of the art paint repair and restoration as well. With highly skilled paint technicians and superior customer service, we generate a high value cosmetic repair with convenient approaches for our clients. As always, our customers are amazed with our results when their vehicles have been restored to pre-accident condition.   

In conclusion, we offer fast, professional customer service and guaranteed results with your complete satisfaction. We hope you will join our many happy and fulfilled customers who continue to refer us to their friends and family.

Scratch Repair

Key - Scratch repair is very common and unpleasant damage. In most cases the scratch will need to be repainted. Based on location of the scratch on the panel and the color we can offer complete panel repaint or partial repaint, known as “spot painting”. In most cases when the body panel is damaged (for example the front fender, door or quarter panel) we will have to repaint the complete panel.

Without sacrificing quality, we provide fast, convenient and professional service. Our experienced technicians repair scratch by sanding the existing paint down, then applying new primer to the damaged area. Then we paint and blend as necessary blend to color match the panels existing finish. The last stage of painting is to apply a new clear coat covering the whole panel so the job is completed perfectly. Everything from minor scratch repair to large key scratches from side to side our skilled techs will restore your paint to like-new condition. Skill is only one component to the perfect repair. The other is the use of quality paint and materials. We use high quality German paint products top-rated in the automotive industry.

Professional technicians, top quality materials and the correct repair procedures create outstanding results. In the end, there is virtually no difference from your vehicle’s factory or custom finish.

Headlight Restoration

Our headlight restoration safely renew your light to fix illumination photometry and optical qualities to ugly, hazy, cloudy, plastic headlights no matter the extent of the damage to the headlight from outside.

Most plastic headlights are manufactured with polycarbonate plastic for its tensile strength but it is a very porous plastic, so the manufacturers apply a protective film to the headlight lens. It is very common that intense sunlight, heat and humidity combined with the heat of the halogen bulb delaminates the protective film leaving the lens exposed to the elements and badly in need of headlight restoration. Polycarbonate has its advantages but also has its disadvantages—namely oxidation / discoloration. To the naked eye one cannot tell that these plastic lenses are actually a porous material that expands ever so slightly when it gets hot. Over time the lens will develop a cloudy, hazy, discolored appearance and this will diminish the headlights ability to project its beam of light at night and during adverse weather conditions. Who would want their family in a vehicle with this dangerous problem?

The surface of the damaged plastic needs to be removed to restore clarity, illumination, photometry and optical qualities to the headlight lens then resurfaced for long-lasting protection and a like new appearance. Let our technician restore your headlight and have it clear and shiny light again.

You will admire new look and appreciate it’s visibility at night.

Windshield Repair

Did you know that an annoying little rock chip on your windshield could easily turn into a long crack that may require replacement of the entire windshield? It's true! If the windshield chip damage is not fixed right away temperature variations, road vibration and even normal driving conditions can go to work on that damage and eventually, it will create a crack that spreads across the full windshield.

Most rock chips and nicks can be filled in and repaired thus stopping the spreading process and saving your windshield! Windshield repair is safe, effective, convenient, and takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Our specialists can repair chips, surface nicks, combinations, bull’s-eyes, beeswings, flower breaks, pressure ring, and half moons. A quality windshield repair will restore the structural integrity of the windshield, help prevent the damage from spreading, and make the blemish much less noticeable, without the extremely costly expense of removing and replacing the glass.

Car Cosmetics windshield repair believes that this process is convenient, because it does not affect the integrity of the original factory seal since the glass is never removed. With the rising price of modern automotive glass and the high rate of faulty installations, it's a great alternative!

In addition to the dollar savings, another fantastic benefit of repairing and not replacing all those windshields is the green effect. Windshield repair is good for the environment.

Why? Because windshields are not recyclable.

Every repaired windshield means less in our landfills, and fewer resources used. Now don't you think that’s good for all of us? We sure do.

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