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By: Bluecat Networks  09-12-2011
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Organizations face challenges managing a complex pool of IP addresses and meeting the ever-increasing demand for stable and secure IP networks and core services to support their operations. Proteus Cloud Services is a Managed DNS service offering that removes the burden of complex DNS management. Proteus Cloud Services extends external DNS management to internal DNS and DHCP. By moving your mission-critical DNS and DNSSEC to the cloud and entrusting BlueCat Networks with its management, your organization can reduce IT cost and free up internal resources to focus on strategic IT and business initiatives.


  • Secure, multi-layered, tiered DNS architecture minimizes the risk of a DNS attack
  • Guaranteed service uptime and availability with a scalable, resilient infrastructure
  • Manage your entire IP address space from a single unified interface – in the cloud or on premises
  • Reduce IT management costs and free up internal IT resources
  • Reduce downtime while avoiding excessive overage fees
How it Works

Proteus Cloud Services provides an affordable, globally load-balanced DNS solution that addresses the capacity, scalability and reliability needs of any customer. Leveraging a global Anycast mesh infrastructure, Proteus Cloud Services eliminates any single point of failure. Since its inception, the network used by Proteus Cloud Services has had 0% downtime, demonstrating the resilience and reliability of the hosted managed DNS service. This cloud-based service integrates directly with BlueCat Networks' Proteus IP Address Management platform, allowing organizations to manage their Adonis and Microsoft DNS and DHCP network services, alongside their hosted cloud-based DNS – all from a single unified interface.

100% Uptime
Proteus Cloud Services provides a globally load-balanced DNS solution that addresses the capacity, scalability and reliability needs of any customer. Leveraging a global Anycast mesh infrastructure, Proteus Cloud Services eliminates any single point of failure. Over the past three years, the network used by Proteus Cloud Services has had 0% downtime, demonstrating the true resilience and reliability of the hosted DNS service.
Greater Security
Distributed DoS (DDoS) attacks from the Internet are difficult to combat. In the cloud, Proteus Cloud Services utilizes a multi-layered, tiered DNS architecture, which provides the necessary level of security to eliminate the risk of a DNS attack with multiple DNS software solutions. The use of multiple hardware solutions, bandwidth providers and numerous geographic locations eliminates all single points of failure from the Proteus Cloud Services network. The network is monitored 24/7 by an anti-attack team to provide real-time detection and mitigation of DNS attacks, minimizing the risk of an outage. Proteus Cloud Services is able to help ensure that the DNS network is secure so that DNS is always up and running. Proteus Cloud Services also has the option to deploy DNSSEC to prevent attacks against the DNS system as well as DNS hijacking.
Simple, Unified Management and Control
Multiple management interfaces can cost you time and money. Proteus Cloud Services offers you a choice of how to control your Managed DNS – in the cloud or on-premises. Using a single interface, Proteus Cloud Services can be managed from the cloud via a web interface. For those looking to manage more than just Managed DNS, Proteus Cloud Services offers an on-premises solution that extends management to the rest of your internal DNS and DHCP services. A single interface can manage your entire IP address space.

Keywords: address management, Address Space, Dns And Dhcp, Ip Address Management,

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