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By: 5c Communications  09-12-2011
Keywords: Transmission, Modem, Central Module

Power Line Carrier

Power Line Carrier communications are used for safe and efficient operation of high-voltage power networks and allow for the transmission of tele-protection signals,  tele-control and speech.  


n all of PLC terminals from 5C, a central module, which size is only 7x11cm and based on advantage DSP and FPGA, integrates all functions of PLC except interface. Therefore, the structure of 5C PLC terminals is much more simple and reliable than the traditional PLCs. The connections between the central module and outer interface slots are two serial buses only. Each of 8 slots is in common use for all types of VF and data interfaces (all interface modules are same size), which offers a high degree of flexibility for user¡¯s requirement . The new interface will be easily expanded in the future. These features protect the investments that users have made.


Frequency shift keyed (FSK) modem for the transmission of data over voice-grade communication facilities. Already a success in the market place, the modem is designed for use in SCADA systems and allows both serial asynchronous and synchronous data transmission.

        Independent FSK Modem .

       Modem module for DPLC10 and UPLC100.

Keywords: Central Module, Modem, Transmission,