By: Nexco  09-12-2011
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Nexco's main products are production licenses and production plants capable of producing NexilFO, a revolutionary Ammonium Nitrate-based bulk explosive. Through business partnerships with industry explosives producers, Nexco plans to license an explosives manufacturer, and license the production of NexilFO for industrial use, mainly in mining and quarry applications.

Production Plants for NexilFO

Nexco is planning to design, test, and install a production plant at a hosted  site to produce NexilFO. Our plants are currently being designed for three production rates: 500kg per hour; 2,500kg per hour; and 5,000kg per hour (1,000 lbs, 5,000 lbs, and 10,000 lbs respectively). NexilFO plants are simple to operate and maintain with low capital costs. The plants also allow for just-in-time production. Future designs may allow for plants to be located on a customer's site.


Our product formulation and patent pending process technology will produce a fine, granular/waxy Ammonium Nitrate which, when mixed with Fuel Oil, can be used in industrial blasting scenarios such as mining and quarrying. The property of the explosive is such that it can result in significant cost savings (25%) when used to replace ANFO by using expanded drill patterns that take advantage of the improved product density and blasting capabilities.
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