Replacement TOSHIBA PA3331U-1BAS, PA3331U-1BRS Laptop Battery for toshiba M30 laptop

By:  05-07-2010
Keywords: Laptop Battery, toshiba battery

Replacement for TOSHIBA PA3331U-1BAS, PA3331U-1BRS Laptop Battery

Product Type: Replacement Product (Brand New)
Condition: New, 1 year warranty!
Color: Black
Capacity: 4400mAh
Voltage: 10.80V
Battery Type: Li-ion
Dimension: 201.60 x 49.80 x 21.40 mm
Weight: 447.93g

Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.

This Laptop Batteries can replace the following part numbers of TOSHIBA Laptop Batteries.
PA3331U-1BAS, PA3331U-1BRS

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This Laptop Batteries is also compatible with the following models of TOSHIBA Laptop Batteries.
Satellite M30-001 Satellite M30-100 Satellite M30-103
Satellite M30-104 Satellite M30-105 Satellite M30-106
Satellite M30-107 Satellite M30-114 Satellite M30-125
Satellite M30-154 Satellite M30-164 Satellite M30-204
Satellite M30-241 Satellite M30-261 Satellite M30-304
Satellite M30-344 Satellite M30-354 Satellite M30-361
Satellite M30-404 Satellite M30-604 Satellite M30-622
Satellite M30-642 Satellite M30-704 Satellite M30-714
Satellite M30-742 Satellite M30-801 Satellite M30-832
Satellite M30-841 Satellite M30-842 Satellite M30-852
Satellite M30-853 Satellite M30-861 Satellite M30-901
Satellite M30-941 Satellite M30-951 Satellite M30-993
Satellite M30-BTO Satellite M30-S732 Satellite M30-00K
Satellite M30-Q31 Satellite M30-S309 Satellite M30-S3091
Satellite M30-S350 Satellite M30-S3501 Satellite M30-SP309
Satellite M30-SP350 Satellite M30-UU9 Satellite M30-YSJ
Satellite M35-S320 Satellite M35-S3201 Satellite M35-S359
Satellite M35-S3591 Satellite M35-S3592 Satellite M35-S456
Satellite M35-S4561 Satellite Pro M30-00K Satellite Pro M30-114
Satellite Pro M30-221 Satellite Pro M30-231 Satellite Pro M30-701
Satellite Pro M30-711 Satellite Pro M30-801 Satellite Pro M30-813
Satellite Pro M30-821 Satellite Pro M30-862 Satellite Pro M30-873
Satellite Pro M30-884 Satellite Pro M30-892 Satellite Pro M30-894
Satellite Pro M30-911 Satellite Pro M30-961 Satellite M35 Series
Satellite Pro M30 Satellite M30 Series  

Keywords: Laptop Battery, toshiba battery