EFAP Employee Family Assistance Program North Bay Ontario

By: Efap North  09-12-2011

Our professional counsellors address a broad range of personal, work-related and behavioural health issues. The scope of our services includes:

Counselling staff use an eclectic approach based on client needs.

Stress in the Workplace

Stress is a normal part of our lives and can actually be good for us, but what if we are so 'stressed out' that the quality of our work is suffering?

This seminar will help you to understand stress (good and bad) and suggest ways to cope with stress within your workplace.

Balancing Work and Family

Many Canadian employees are attempting to balance their work and family responsibilities. This seminar was developed to assist employees in meeting their goal of finding balance by looking at what the term 'work-life balance' actually means. Also included are useful suggestions on how to achieve balance in your life.

Building Social Support Systems

Having a healthy support system in place can help you get through life's ups and downs. Unfortunately, in today's fast paced society we sometimes overlook the importance of having a support system. This seminar looks at ways you can develop a healthy support system if you don't already have one.

Positivity in the Workplace

We all know how negativity can impact our work day, but what about positivity? How can incorporating humour and positivity change the dynamic of your workplace?

Understanding Depression and Anxiety

Many people in our workforce are experiencing Depression and Anxiety, both of which can have a very negative impact on an individual's ability to function. This seminar will give you a general overview of Depression and Anxiety and what you can do if you recognize the symptoms of Depression or Anxiety in yourself or someone else.

Dealing with a Serious Illness (Mental and Physical)

Being diagnosed or having a family member diagnosed with a serious illness can have a major impact on your life. In this seminar we acknowledge that both mental and physical illnesses can have similar impacts on ones life and we discuss various coping mechanisms for friends and families of sufferers.

Coping with Grief

Grief is a process that is unique to each person; however most people will experience similar stages of grief. This seminar will walk you through the different stages of grief and what someone can typically expect to experience.

Conflict Resolution

Many of us view conflict negatively, however if conflict is dealt with effectively it can be used positively. This seminar will open your eyes to how conflict can be used to develop relationships and make positive changes in your workplace.

Negativity in the Workplace

Negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours can have a grave effect on your work day. This seminar will help you and your co-workers work through negativity and teach you techniques that will add positivity to your workplace.

Coping with Job Loss

Unfortunately, downsizing and lay-offs are commonplace in today's society. Job loss can have an enormous impact on an individuals and a family's emotional and financial well-being. This seminar is meant to offer information and support for individuals facing job loss.

Alcohol and Drug use

Abuse of drugs and alcohol is rampant in today's workforce. This seminar will help you to recognize the signs of drug and alcohol abuse (in yourself or others) and understand the steps that can be take to recover.

Enabling in the Workplace

Have you ever made an excuse for a co-worker that was slacking off on his/her job? Or have you ever call in sick for your wife because she was too hung over to go to work? If so, you may think that you are 'helping' someone, but you are actually 'enabling' them. What is the difference between helping and enabling someone? This seminar will help you understand the differences and understand why enabling can have very negative effects on your workplace.

Team Development

The chances are very high that if you and your co-workers work together as a team-your workplace is a healthy one. How can you and your co-workers develop a team-like atmosphere? This seminar will give you the guidelines to build a team and develop a healthy workplace.

Managing Anger

Anger is an emotion that every human being experiences and it can be used positively. How can we manage our anger so that it doesn't get out of control?

Managing Change (for employees)
Managing the Impact of Change (for employers)

More than any other time in history, our workplaces are going through drastic changes. This seminar looks at how employees and employers can cope with change effectively.

Interpersonal Relationships (Respect )

Good interpersonal skills lay the foundation to good workplace relationships. Even though most of us believe that we have good interpersonal skills (we've been interacting with others since we were babies after all!) However, our skills may not be as good as we may believe. This seminar looks at how we can all improve upon our interpersonal communication at work and at home.

Bullying in the Workplace

Often, when we think about bullying we think of children at school bullying each other. However, bullying at work is more prevalent than you may think! And this seminar will help you learn how to handle a bully or recognize if you are a bully in the workplace.

Time Management New!

Have you ever noticed that we Buy Time, Trade Time, Invest Time, Borrow Time, Steal Time and that we Never Have Enough Time. This session looks at the importance of planning, setting goals, analyzing time, organizing, scheduling and prioritizing.

Resilience New!

Why do some people have the ability to cope with the difficulties and stressors of life and emerge from them stronger than before without experiencing mental or physical health issues.

Parenting in the new Millennium New!

This session looks at issues for to-day's youth, why is play important, a child's sense of control, the importance of talking about feelings, your child as a barometer, the six critical life messages, our roles as parents, just to name a few of the issues we will discuss.

Coping With Shift Work New!

Learn about the effects of shift work in all areas of our lives as well as strategies for dealing with shift work.

Awareness Sessions

We offer regular awareness sessions for employees and supervisors, these sessions are meant to answer any questions that you may have about EFAP/North and give you a brief overview of what EFAP/North is all about.