Canada Nutrition. CLA MAXX 180's

By: Canada Nutrition  09-12-2011

CLA MAXX™ works to reduce body fat by preventing fat accumulation in fat cells. Fat normally enters the fat cell through a “door” which is controlled by an enzyme, the “key”. By acting on this enzyme, or “key”, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) keeps the “door” locked. Fat cannot enter the cells when the “door” is locked, thereby not allowing the amount of fat to increase in the cells. The less fat that is present in the cells, the smaller and less mature they become. This helps to reduce the level of fat in the body. CLA also works to increase lean muscle tissue activity (calorie burning) by enhancing the enzyme activity in muscle cells.

CLA MAXX™ delivers pure Isolated CLA free from harmful trans fats and cholesterol. Research has shown great results with 3-9 grams of CLA per day. CLA also works best when “cycled”; use it for 3-4 weeks, stop using for the next 3-4 weeks, then start the cycle again.

CLA MAXX™ gel-caps contain up to 60% MORE active CLA than other capsules. This means that you would normally have to take 5 capsules of some other brands to get the same benefit as you would from just 3 CLA MAXX™ gel-caps.

Our capsules also contain the exact 2 CLA isomers (there are a few different fat isomers that can be called CLA) that do all the work; (c9, t11 and t10,c12). This information is proudly present right on our label. This is important because not all products that are called CLA, are CLA – many other CLA labeled products on the market do not have these 2 isomers listed on their label, and thus are simply compressed, non-concentrated sunflower or safflower oil – not thermo-active CLA.

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