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By: Architectural/residential Technologies  09-12-2011

The patented  EcoTrol Fluid Control System for geothermal heating and cooling, consisting of the Fluid Control Center, Trench Header Pipe and Branch Loop Pipe, represent a quantum leap forward in the design, installation, start-up, service, maintenance, repair and expansion of geoexchange systems.

Designed to work with all water source heat pumps, regardless of the manufacturer or model, the EcoTrol components are all shipped preassembled, with the Trench Header Pipe and Branch Loop Pipe prefilled with Bioglycol™, the most environmentally friendly heat transfer liquid available in the industry.

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Geothermal systems provide constant, even heating in winter and improved humidity control during the warmer months. There is no unsightly outdoor condensing unit, and the self-contained in-door system runs smoothly and quietly. Geothermal systems provide safe, reliable heating and cooling throughout the year. There is no flame or flue, nor any risk of carbon monoxide build-up.


Welcome to Ecotrol Products and Services

An indoor geothermal system then uses electrically-driven compressors and heat exchangers in a vapor compression cycle--the same principle employed in a refrigerator--to concentrate the Earth’s energy and release it inside the home at a higher temperature. This small auxiliary heat exchanger uses superheated gases from the heat pump’s compressor to heat water, which then circulates through a pipe to the home’s water heater tank.


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These loops are ideal for homes where yard space is insufficient for horizontal trenching, when the Earth is rocky close to the surface, or for retrofit applications where minimum disruption of the landscaping is desired. The pipe may be curled into a slinky shape in order to fit more of it into shorter trenches, but while this reduces the amount of land space needed it may require more pipe.