The Ultimate Non Polluting Series of Electric Tractors for Towing, Mowing and Moving from the Electric Tractor Corporation

By: Electric Tractor  09-12-2011

The Electric OX makes no compromises. Quiet and emissions free, the Electric OX is all about traction. It is an ideal towing vehicle for any indoor application. With its power and exceptional operating characteristics, many find it a favorite for outdoor jobs as well

This electric tractor has been designed from the wheels up. The patented electric drive system uses an on-board computer to control the individual motor/gearbox on each drive wheel and an electronic differential so the Electric OX responds to the driver with power, smooth handling and a surprisingly tight turning radius.

The Electric OX SP can work all day long and be completely recharged overnight for less than dollar. With virtually no regular maintenance and minimal operating costs, the Electric OX pays its own way.