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The Wheelsafe Loose Nut Indicator provides a simple, visual means of confirming proper wheel torque in seconds. It reduces the risk of wheel detachment accidents and resulting load damage and can reduce insurance costs.

The WHEELSAFE Visual Loose Wheel Nut Indicator is brightly coloured pointer shaped device that fits tightly over the wheel nut and is positioned in a uniform pattern. It is designed to visually identify any movement of the nut, and/or excessive heating of the hub, due to dragging brakes, braking over use or tight bearings.

If the nut loosens, the WHEELSAFE Visual Loose Wheel Nut Indicator will move with it and out of the original uniform pattern, clearly indicating to the operator the need for intervention. In the event of brake drag, over use, or tight bearings, the WHEELSAFE Visual Loose Wheel Nut Indicator, at a temperature of approximately 123 degrees C [248 degrees F], will deform and change colour around the perimeter. Indicating excessive heat build up.

The WHEELSAFE Visual Loose Wheel Nut Indicator is manufactured from Heavy Duty Service Grade Polyethylene.

UV stabilised polymer provides dimensional stability and stops sunlight degradation.

The WHEELSAFE Visual Loose Wheel Nut Indicator can be cleaned using any of the available detergent solutions, or kerosene, and are

unaffected by road salts or petrochemicals.

The WHEELSAFE Visual Loose Wheel Nut Indicator default colour is safety yellow, although other colours can be provided to match

Corporate design. Ie: Fluoro Lime Green, Red and Black.

Camouflage WHEELSAFE Visual Loose Wheel Nut Indicator have been tested and used by the Canadian and US Armed Forces.

Proper Nut Torque

Loose Nut

Fits Many Wheel Types

Promotes Efficiency


  • Provides a simple visual means of confirming proper wheel torque in seconds
  • Saves driver time in conducting wheel checks
  • Facilitates offical roadside inspections
  • Easy to install and difficult to tamper with
  • Drivers, mechanics or inspectors can confirm proper wheel torque or identify bearing or brake overheating problems at a glance.
  • Reduction in maintenance time as only proper number of retorques are required
  • Less retorquing means longer lifespan of equipment
  • Compatible with Six Sigma and Lean applications -ask us if you wish to conduct a process improvement project
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    Wheelsafe Loosenut Indicators come in many sizes and are suitable for application on the following vehicle types:

  • Bus Fleets -Government and Private
  • Mining Industry -Opencut and Underground
  • Local Councils and Government Fleets
  • Airport Ground Equipment
  • Road Transport Industry
  • Agricultural Sector
  • Railroads
  • Dockyards

  • Transports * Buses * Reefers * Trailers * Tractors * Trucks * Buses * Transports * Mining Vehicles * Mining Equipment

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