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By: Nalco Mobotec  09-12-2011

The Engineering Group within Nalco Mobotec is a multidisciplinary team dedicated to designing emissions-reduction systems that are reliable, effective, and optimized for the customer. Experience combined with innovation provides systems that offer operating flexibility under a wide range of loads, fuels, and operating conditions. Advanced analytical data management, along with 3-D software are used to overcome even the most complex retrofit challenges.

The Engineering team provides comprehensive expertise in a wide range of disciplines, assuring that air protection technologies are fully integrated into the existing plant. The impact of air protection strategies is analysed in detail on a plant-wide basis resulting in impact assessments of equipment such as air heaters, fans, burners, pulverizers, ducting systems, ESPs, and bag houses.

Other products and services from Nalco Mobotec


CFD Modeling

Computers can perform the millions of calculations required to simulate the interaction of fluid and gases (before, during, and after combustion), with the complex heat surfaces and equipment used in power plants and industrial boilers. Today, Nalco Mobotec maintains a large in-house CFD modeling team, all of whom hold doctorate degrees and qualify as subject matter experts in combustion and CFD modeling.


Analytical Laboratory Services - Nalco Mobotec

The Nalco Mobotec Center of Innovation for Air Protection Technologies is located in the Nalco research and development centers and include the Analytical Laboratories. Use of these treatments helps control slag, thus keeping boiler tubes cleaner for better heat transfer and maintaining tube integrity by minimizing overheating.


CFD Modeling, Analytical Laboratory Services, Design & Detail Engineering & On-site Services

Computer models are necessary to fully understand and accurately predict furnace performance, including the interaction of fluid and gases (before, during, and after combustion), with the complex heating surfaces and equipment used in utility and industrial boilers.


On-Site Services - Nalco Mobotec

Invariably, we achieve superior product performance and customer satisfaction when our experts support client relationships through our suite of highly effective, productivity-enhancing services. This principle is key to our developing emission reductions of CO, NOx, SOx, Hg, PM and LOI through the MobotecSystemâ„¢. Nalco Mobotec recognizes that conditions both inside and outside the combustion system can change.