Managing Every Step in the Supply Chain

By: Maurice Pincoffs Company  09-12-2011
Keywords: Marketing, supply chain, Moving Products

Managing Every Step in the Supply Chain: Buying products to support customer requirements is at the core of any company’s business model, as controlling costs and achieving consistent high quality and supply standards are critical to success.  And having an excellent marketing and sales organization is the key to reaching markets and generating revenue streams; nothing happens until something is sold.  Add to all that the challenges of buying and selling in foreign markets, and conducting business can get complicated quickly.  Maurice Pincoffs Company, Inc. offers its clients 125 years worth of experience and excellence in purchasing, sales, and everything in between.  With a full-time team of experts and affiliates throughout the world, Pincoffs is equipped to help almost any company achieve its goals.  Buying, selling, moving, and storing; Pincoffs is a trusted and established partner in all areas of supply chain management.

Sourcing : Whether your material requirements call for finished goods or raw materials, Maurice Pincoffs’ broad base of manufacturers and mills can meet most requirements for metals products.  With offices in the US, Canada, China, and Taiwan, the Pincoffs staff has thorough knowledge of many producers in many countries.  There are few places where Pincoffs has not done business.  High quality castings, forgings, coiled steel and plate, pipe, tubing, oil country goods, fully-assembled fitness equipment, and many other items are bought and sold by MPCI on a regular basis.  Chances are, Pincoffs can find what you need, when you need it, and at a price that offers strategic advantages.

Moving Products across the Globe: Shipping products from the far corners of the earth to the loading docks of our customers, is a complex journey that demands experience and detailed procedural knowledge. Pincoffs employs customs and logistics experts that manage every step in this process. The logistics team understands requirements of many foreign and domestic ports, steamship lines, stevedores, and the myriad of others that have a hand in the supply chain. And with certified customs brokers in-house, Maurice Pincoffs can focus on customer shipments, minimizing the time and complications associated with importing and exporting products.

Trucking and Local Transportation : Pincoffs works with many of the best freight carriers in the US, in and out of every major port, and across the country. And because the logistics staff knows the costs and benefits of all forms of ground, rail, and sea transportation, clients are ensured that their products will arrive quickly, safely, and efficiently. The MPCI team really can take a part from the factory floor in places like Taiwan, and place it in your mailbox or warehouse in very little time and for less expense than you might imagine.

Warehousing and Distribution : Many clients benefit from the option of maintaining inventory in Maurice Pincoffs warehouses and placing orders as needed. By employing MPCI to manage stock-and-release programs, purchasing managers have the best of both worlds; reaping the savings associated with overseas sourcing and enjoying the support of their just-in-time production schedules. And Pincoffs will deliver any size shipment to client companies or end users, as directed, offering yet another opportunity to minimize handling and expense.

Sales and Marketing: Pincoffs has the know-how to lead products to market, regardless of where the market may be. The company’s talented and dedicated staff of buyers and sellers, positioned in Houston, Canada, China, and Taiwan, are recognized leaders in their industries and have what it takes to reach buyers. And with long-standing relationships with traders and agents around the world, MPCI has the ability to reach many markets in many countries.  Please feel free to contact any Pincoffs employee with proposals and suggestions for developing working relationships that will either help generate sales for your products or source products for your own selling effort.

Keywords: Marketing, Moving Products, supply chain

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