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By: Himac Research  09-12-2011
Keywords: Fuel, pollution, air pollution

PRODUCTS LIST all products sold 1 year money back guarantee

The Condensator is a device that uses catalytic reaction to break down engine oil vapours, that normally foul an engine, into useable fuel. It will only increase mileage by up to 27%; but it will decrease pollution by up to 75%. When you see what has collected in the container, you will be happy it did not go into your engine and into our air. The gasoline version is $90.00 US for fuel injection or carburetor plus installation

The Power Cube is a radio transmitter for your vehicle's spark plugs. It will increase mileage and H.P. by 5-15 % by exciting the fuel in the compression stroke. It is regularly priced at $129.95 US; Installation is 1-2 hours and is not complicated. works best on less efficient engines. www.sparkplugwire.com was the site but not working now. (Power cube is no longer available Inventor passed on they can be manufactured if an investor comes forward)

The Grose Jet is a replacement valve for inside the carburetor. It will keep the fuel properly regulated and prevent flooding. The gains vary depending on how bad the mileage was. $9.00 -$12.00 each - order direct 781 438-1773 .

Supercarburetors/Fuel Injection systems, are not available at present, anytime anyone has tried to bring out any product to the market that will more than triple the mileage by complete cracking of the fuel, they have been stopped one way or another if not in violation of some patent they have sitting on a shelf then say you are in violation of federal laws and are shut down. When enough help to change the laws and educate our world to the truth on this, then the products will be sold. Please read the site and what happened with them?.

These inventions and books listed as well as others have been misunderstood or suppressed. The only way to help ourselves is to share the ideas and help the inventors who already have the answers to the pollution problems that threaten our world and our children's futures.

We are looking at many other products but only sell the ones we have tested and from our research that we can confidently offer our one year money back guarantee.

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Keywords: air pollution, Fuel, pollution