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By: The Dive Shop Canada  09-12-2011
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Snorkel Fins from $46
Dive Fins from $59

Starting from $550 w/
Reg, Octo, 2 Gauge console

Starting from $69
Wide Selection!

Exposure Suits
Men and Women
Wetsuits from $299
Children's Wetsuits $79 + up
Dry Suits from $899
Wide Selection!

Starting from $18
Wide Selection!

Wide Selection Available!

Tropical Snorkel Package
Starting from $99 Kids/ $115 Adult
Mask, fins, Snorkel, Mask Box .
Student Dive Package
Starting from $267
Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots, Weightbelt, Mask Box, Mask De-Fog and Bag.

Major Product Lines that we offer:

Product Descriptions
Your B.C. should allow you to be neutrally buoyant, achieving the freedom of weightlessness. When you look for a B.C. consider what type of wetsuit or drysuit you will be wearing. We carry weight integrated and non-weight integrated B.C.s as well as ones designed specifically for ladies


Fins allow us to explore the undersea world with minimum effort. We stock basic models as well as the latest in the split fin Nature's Wing technology and pivot fins.
Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you want your regulator to deliver life-sustaining air to you easily and smoothly without having to think about it. We carry basic no-frill models through regulators made from durable, non-corrosive titanium.
Your instruments monitor your depth, time and air. We carry a variety of gauges, computers and compasses to fit your diving needs and budget.When considering your purchase look at features such as air-integrated or non air-integrated computers, nitrox compatible, audible alarms, back lighting, time and date, and pc downloading. Some models you turn on by pushing a button, others are water activated. Please visit us so we can help you choose the instruments that are just right for you.


If your mask does not fit comfortably, it is impossible to enjoy your dive. We offer masks made of silicone, the material of choice because it resists damage from chlorine, salt water and ozone. There is no mask that fits every face. Try on several models to make sure you find the one that fits best. If you wear glasses or contacts, a prescription scuba mask can make a world of difference. Bring your mask and prescription in to the dive shop and we can customize your mask just for you.
Whether you prefer a basic snorkel or the latest in dry and semi-dry snorkels, we have a great snorkel selection. Snorkels with purge valves and semi-dry tops are the easiest to keep free of water.
Underwater Photography
For over thirty years, underwater cinematography and photography have held a never ending fascination. Taking underwater photographs as you explore the deep saves magical memories that you can relive until your next undersea adventure. It also allows us to share our experiences with others and learn more about the underwater world.The Dive Shop sells underwater photographic equipment. Whether you are just starting out and want to purchase your first underwater camera or and advanced photographer we can assist you you with your needs.
Exposure Protection
Whether you will be diving in the tropical warmth of the Caribbean or exploring our Canadian waters, it is important to have the right protection. We carry polypropylene "skins", a variety of neoprene wet suits, and dry suits.
The Dive Shop stocks a large range of accessories to meet your diving needs. Visit our store to fill your accessories needs. We either have in the store or can get these in:

Coil Lanyards
Octopus And Hose Holders
BC Lanyards
BC Quick Release Adapters
Belt Loops
Coil Slates
Compass Adapters
DIN Valve Caps & Plugs
Divemaster Oxygen Kits
Equipment Cleaners
Fin Straps
Fist Aid products
Float Cover
Gauge Protectors
Gear Clips
Hose Protectors
Inflator Marker Tube
Mask Cases
Mask Straps

Mesh Bags
Mini Retractors
Mouthpiece Covers
Pony Bottle Tamers
Save a dive kits
Silicon Seals and Lubricants
Snorkel Keepers
Split Rings
Tank Bangers
Tank Boots
Tank Caddy
Tank Dust Caps
Tool sets
Tube Floats
Valve Caps
Velco Straps
Safety Sausages
Watch Guards
Waterproof Boxes
Weight belts
Whistles and Air source horns
Wrist Lanyards
Wrist Mount Converters
Wrist slates
Zip Ties If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us as we carry or get anything to do with scuba!

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Keywords: Dive Shop, Fins, Mask, Snorkel

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Our professional service staff includes factory trained technicians with over 30 years repair experience, avid divers themselves…"divers serving divers!. This includes dry suit repairs, dive computers, diving watches, metal detectors and other specialty items. All blends are mixed with computer-controlled equipment by certified, experienced technicians. Our ultra-clean BAUER breathing air compressor with the best filtration system available.