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STAR Computer Technology is a valuable asset to your IT infrastructure.

From your network hardware and software to securing the entire network, Star will work hard to increase the value of your IT investment. Our professional IT experts will work closely with your team to provide reliable solutions that fit your business environment. In some cases, relying on your outdated equipment, can leave your computers and network vulnerable to the newest Internet threats.  Let us show you how to make your employees more productive and your business processes run more efficiently through the use of technology solutions.

STAR will install, configure, and maintain Servers, Desktop Computers, Firewalls, Routers, Switches, etc. We have experience with the most popular equipment from leading manufacturers including: Dell, HP, Cisco, 3com, D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, SonicWall, and many more. We will configure new computer systems and network equipment that will fit well within your specific network environment.

Our skilled technicins always have your best interests in mind. Our team is constantly receiving new training to stay on the cutting edge of technology solutions; however, we will only recommend solutions that have been tested to work consistently over time

Let's face it – your company data is invaluable. There is no room for error when it comes to securing and protecting your company data.

Our team has experienced a number of different company environments where the needs and policies vary for backing up data. We have provided "one-button" backup solutions for small businesses to larger tape library systems that can automate tape changes. In both cases, the goal is simple: protect the company data and provide a way to secure it by taking the backup off-site.

We will work with you to discover the most effective solutions for your specific company needs.

The new trend in networking these days is to "lose the wires". Wireless networking can streamline your company network because there is no need for the extra time or costly installation of new cable.

Plus, it can give your employees the freedom to "roam" throughout the office, while staying connected to the network with their laptops or PDA's. However, wireless networking needs to be setup correctly in order to maintain privacy for your company data. Our team is experienced in installing and configuring wireless networks that are completely secure using the latest protocols and encryption algorithms.


Whether you are looking to setup a new Operating System or upgrade the system you already own, the software must be properly installed and configured to maximize the effectiveness of the many services. We have a broad range of experience installing, configuring, and updating many versions of Microsoft Windows XP,VISTA & WIN7 operating system and various Linux distributions.

Network operating systems are only secure and reliable if they are consistently updated and all new patches are installed promptly. With our proactive approach, our team will make sure your network is well defended against outside attacks.

If your computer is acting "strangely" or is just not performing how it used to, our team can help. It is important for your desktop computers to work efficiently and maintain a constant connection to the company network.

Our team of technology experts have over 11 years of experience dealing with Windows operating system issues including: device driver issues, incompatible software issues, printer issues, and everything in between.

Whether it is hardware or software related, we can effectively troubleshoot problems and perform diagnostics on your company's desktop computers.

Do you need help with viruses or spyware? Have you noticed weird pop-up messages on your computer screen or realized that the computer's performance has slowed to a crawl? It may be the first sign of a software virus or spyware application that is hurting the productivity of your office computers.

And if one computer is infected (depending on the threat), chances are that the network may also be compromised.

We have had a lot of success using software tools to diagnose the entry point of the virus or spyware and then eliminating the threat from your company network. Let our team decipher the mystery and get your network running efficiently and securely again.

In today's modern era of technology, hard drives are more reliable and more durable than ever before. However, the electrical and mechanical components of a hard drive can suddenly fail, leaving you unable to access your critical company data files.

Star Computer Technology works with a select group of Tier-1 data recovery specialists that have a proven track record of recovering data from failed or badly damaged hard drives. Whether the data is inaccessible due to human error (deletion) or a natural disaster (fire, flood, etc.), we can provide a FREE diagnostic evaluation to start the process of recovering your valuable data.

There are two points of interest when it comes to securing your company's computer network - securing against an external network attack and securing the internal company network.

The second line of defense is inside your own internal network. This means securing the company servers and desktop workstations. The company server needs to be monitored and updated with the latest software updates to ensure it is secured against new threats. The company server is also responsible to correctly authenticate the network users and provide access to specific company files. The individual desktop workstations can also be secured by keeping the operating system up to date and running local anti-virus and anti-spyware software applications.

The experienced technology experts at Star Computer Technology can give you peace of mind with a properly structured and secure network environment.

Email has become one of the most important communication tools with your employees and with your customers. Your company needs a reliable server that is constantly updated in order to ensure your email is always working. If you are currently running your own email servers at your office, our team can assume the responsibility of software maintenance and backup. If you are looking for a new email solution, we can help you understand the pros and cons of outsourcing your email service to a reliable hosted solution.

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Keywords: wireless networks