Slattery Enterprises Inc

By: Slattery Enterprises  09-12-2011

Brand Exposure In Places You've Only Dreamed Of

The success strategy of Slattery Enterprises is based on the knowledge that the distributors want to be educated and they want "ease-of-use" in their dealings with a supplier. Slattery Enterprises focuses solely on business building initiatives by keeping current on all supplier products, services and marketing initiatives. Having insider knowledge of the business plans and marketing strategies of the distributor customers , Slattery provides suppliers with brand exposure in the most lucrative places . This strategy makes being in the right place at the right time, not a matter of luck but rather a result of a well-planned and focused weekly itinerary. Slattery's relationships with the customers has afforded the Slattery team access to proprietary information about their end-clients, programs, shows, events and projects. Slattery Enterprises then approaches the customers with relevant, sure-fire solutions to their current and on-going promotional projects, while keeping the best interests of the suppliers at the forefront. Slattery Enterprises is the ultimate liaison in a win-win-win situation.

Specialties and Services:

  • Guiding suppliers with respect to pricing strategies, customer target lists and even new product selection and development
  • Analyzing competitive pricing and product strategies
  • Providing recommendations for incentive programs for both employees and customers
  • Developing interdependent relationships with the industry's major accounts including buying groups and franchised distributors
  • Analyzing customer sales and activity, utilizing the results to increase sales
  • Communicating supplier news, specials , services and new products to your client base
  • Conducting effective and engaging in-house sales presentations
  • Providing consistent proactive communication, highlighting current and relevant supplier information
  • Creating customized e-blast campaigns