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By: Maxsolutions  09-12-2011

TOP PRODUCER® 8i Internet-Based Suite of Programs:
Currently, training on TOP PRODUCER 8i and its suite of programs is now available throughout Ontario, through MaxSolutions Group.

TOP PRODUCER 8i has many, many benefits above the TOP PRODUCER 6i DESKTOP-Based program - here is but one small example of what you, the end-user, can create in TOP PRODUCER 8i . . . . .

Today, as never before, we need clients to be able to contact us, quickly and in turn, need to be able to respond to their queries & needs.

With TOP PRODUCER 8i, you have the capability to create a Client Reply (or New Lead Creation) page, in 1 of 3 different formats -  (Short, Long or Custom) - This created "New Lead" page can then be put into your own web site.  If you are unable to amend your own web-site, please pass the coding information that you create, to your Web-Master and ask him/her to insert the code into your web site at the appropriate place. In fact it is an excellent idea to place this "Lead Creation Page" in several areas of your Web Site to make it easier for potential clients to contact you!

Training Classes for TOP PRODUCER 8i commenced in Ontario, August 21 2008 with the first 8i class - a great time was had by all and "brain dead" but very enthusiastic was the general reaction!! Call The Toronto RE Board Dept of Education to book on one of the next courses - There is a MAXIMUM of 12 people per class (one for each Computer):

Since the 5th October 2009 Top Producer 8i class, we modified the courses and began a new system of Teaching Top Producer 8i.

We start with  a 4 hour Part 1 BASIC Class in the early part of each month followed by a 4 hour Part 2 ADVANCED Class towards the end of each month

For 2011, the Current TREB Class Dates are as follows (and sometimes subject to change):

2011 - BASIC - Feb 3; Mar 3 & 31; Apr 28; Jun 2; Aug 08; Sep 1 & 29; Nov 3; Dec 1

2011 - ADVANCED - Feb 17; Mar 17; Apr 14; May 19; Jun 16; Aug 18; Sep 22; Oct 20; Nov 17; Dec 15

Credits - The BASIC & ADVANCED CLASSES will each receive FOUR CEU's (Credits).
TIME: EACH Class is 4 Hrs. 12:30pm-4:30pm

The PRE-REQUISITE REQUIREMENT to take the Part 2 ADVANCED Class is that you MUST HAVE PREVIOUSLY TAKEN the FULL DAY CLASS or the 4 hour Part i BASIC Course.

Licenced or Unlicenced Assistants are welcome to book a space through the agent they work for.


EFFECTIVE MAY 2006, the TOP PRODUCER 6i Family of products is discontinued!  Technical support from Head Office is no longer available.

As the number of users of TOP PRODUCER 7i rapidly convert to the all-new TOP PRODUCER 8i, so Top Producer 7i Training Classes will cease - Top Producer 7i Classes ended effective end July 2008.

It is highly recommended that you convert from your old desktop-based version to the latest version of TOP PRODUCER 8i, the internet-based 8i family of products - you won't regret it!! 

MaxSolutions will run TOP PRODUCER 8i Training courses around Southern Ontario, each course currently running for FOUR Hours, being in TWO PARTS, Part 1 Basic & Part 2 Advanced.  Obviously, this means a FULL Day of about 8.5-9 hours including Lunch.
If you would like to host such a course, please contact MaxSolutions Group and we will set up a course for your agents and assistants
(NOTE: attendance for a one day course is a minimum of 20 people & the maximum is 30). This assumes that the group is NOT in a Computer Lab environment, although you are welcome to bring & use your own Laptop, if you have wireless connectivity available.

Since 2002, TOP PRODUCER 6i & 7i & currently 8i, Training Classes have been held around Ontario, ranging from Thunder Bay to North Bay, from Barrie to Guelph & Peterborough, from Stratford & Kingston, to London & Windsor, up to Ottawa and all the way down to Amherstberg. In addition, Classes have been held in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. and most recently, in Long Island, NY USA.

Both Agents and Assistants can attend - each taking away a great deal of useful information, working knowledge  and powerful working tips!! If you use TOP PRODUCER 8i, our fee-based Training Courses are designed to make you self-sufficient MaxSolutions is also the contract Trainer at the Toronto RE Board for all TOP PRODUCER 8i products and these courses are routinely held at the Toronto Board Offices. See above for Course dates at TREB. Most recently, we are accepting OUTSOURCED TOP PRODUCER 8i courses at TREB Brokerages, arranged through the Education Dept of the Toronto RE Board.

With the ending of the TOP PRODUCER 6i Family of Products in 2006, and the recent Upgrade to 8i from 7i, in July 2008, we now ONLY teach TOP PRODUCER 8i and associated products as of August, 2008.


Courses are held at the Toronto Real Estate Board, 1400 Don Mills Road, (Don Mills South of York Mills), in a Computer Classroom with 12 places -
NOTE: EACH 4 hour Class provides you FOUR Educational Credits - the Full-Day class format will change as of 5th November 2009 to a BASIC Class, running from 12:30pm - 4:30pm and an ADVANCED Class, running from 12:30pm - 4:30pm. ADVANCED Class has a pre-requisite of a previous FULL CLASS attendance or a BASIC Class Attendance.(Otherwise you will be lost and not easily able to follow the course details!!!)

          To Reserve space at TREB:
        call 416:443-8149           


OR TO REGISTER for Upcoming Courses OTHER than at TREB:


Office: 905 967 1087  or FAX: 905 883 9857.


TOP PRODUCER 8i Training Courses

If you are looking to Purchase from the TOP PRODUCER Family of Products,

In order to train on TOP PRODUCER 8i, the powerful & user-friendly Internet-based program from TOP PRODUCER, in a Classroom or Computer Lab environment, we presently prefer all participants to have a good working knowledge of the Internet and a minimum experience with XP (Home or Professional), or preferably, with Windows VISTA or Windows 7 anad using Window Explorer 7 or 8; how files are created and used and some knowledge on graphics (.JPG or .PNG type files) and that the classroom have High Speed Internet Access (Cable or Hi-Speed Wireless "G" capability or higher). Obviously, Access to TOP PRODUCER 8i is not possible if Internet Access is not available for each machine.

When such a course and location becomes available, we will post it here.

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Using Microsoft OUTLOOK 2007, you will be able to integrate TOP PRODUCER 8i with OUTLOOK 2007, using the Power of Outlook, together with the Mailing Lists from Top Producer 8i, with all e-mails being fully linked between OUTLOOK and the Top Producer 8i contact database.